Sunday, December 8, 2013

Christmas Advent Calendar, Day 7: Go to the Luck Holiday Experience

We spent another weekend at the cabin, relaxing by the fire and hanging out as a family of four. It was absolutely beautiful there with freshly fallen snow sticking to the tree caps like glue, but the temperatures left some to be desired. High of 2 degrees on Saturday? You've got to be kidding me. All Andi and I wanted to do was take a walk in the woods, but it's hard to justify outdoor activities for little kids when it's that cold. Obviously, there's no way Aden can be outside in that weather, so I'm basically stuck indoors no matter what. Andi did Take Tory on a quick Ranger ride through the woods by our cabin on Saturday. The Ranger ATV has a windshield and heated seats so it's not as barbaric as it sounds, but it was still really cold. Crazy that we live in a place where dressing our kid up like this is required.

Even crazier that Andi had to wear bright orange so wouldn't be shot at on the trails. (It was muzzleloader deer hunting this weekend).

Meanwhile, Aden and I stayed inside the toasty cabin and I watched him do this:

Little man loves to be warm. I've never seen him so comfortable.

Saturday morning, we drove to the nearby town of Luck, Wisconsin for their Holiday Experience. It was all very low-key which was perfect for Tory and our day's agenda. Santa Claus made an appearance at the local library where there were also free treats and a large "Santa train" display. Tory wasn't interested in sitting on Santa's lap and we didn't pressure her, but she loved the train. I really want to buy one that runs under our own tree at the cabin.  

There were also free horse-drawn sleigh rides taking place outside the library. Andi and Tory went for a ride while Aden and I stayed inside the library. It was bitterly cold Saturday with a daily high temperature of -2 below. Andi said Tory loved the first few minutes of the sleigh ride but asked for "covers" at the end because she was so cold, so the sleigh ride operator gave her a blanket to use. I was a little bummed I missed seeing Tory on her first sleigh ride. Next year, maybe we'll all be able to go together.

This event was the perfect thing to do on a Saturday during the holiday season. It was simple and free. Perfect for little ones like Tory to enjoy.


  1. You have such precious babies! I can't get over HOW COLD that is. Omg. I would die. :P

  2. Ah! That last pic is adorable!