Monday, December 2, 2013

Elf on a Shelf Ideas for Toddlers

Two years ago, my mother-in-law bought Tory an Elf on a Shelf book for Christmas. Our little Elf has been sitting on the shelf (ha!) ever since because I thought Tory was just a little too young to start the tradition. I *think* she'll understand the concept at Age 2 (maybe? at least the hiding/finding part?), so I'm busting out our little Elf for the first time this year.

With a newborn baby in the mix, I tried to set myself up for success by pulling together a list of "toddler friendly" Elf on the Shelf ideas ahead of time. The last thing I want to be doing is brainstorming Elf hiding spots when I'm dog-tired at the end of each day. Pinterest is bursting with Elf placement ideas, but a lot of them are "naughty" (and a bit gross, actually -- the one where he's squatting over a Hershey's kiss? Disgusting, people). Others are too complex for a two-year-old to even understand. Why put myself through the trouble of creating a mess only to have to clean it up later? I actually think some of the Elf antics are better suited for adults.

So, without further audiu, here's my list of "toddler friendly" Elf on the Shelf ideas. Some of these I borrowed from Pinterest and others I came up with on my own. Andi and I read the Elf on the Shelf book to Tory last night before bedtime and she appropriately named our little guy "Elfie."

Elf on the Shelf Ideas for Toddlers
December 2013

1 - Elf filling up a drink of water in the refrigerator door
2 - Elf's head buried in a bag of M&Ms candy
3 - Elf "fishing" in the bathroom sink
4 - Elf sitting in the Little People's nativity scene
5 - Elf cooking at Tory's play kitchen
6 - Elf coloring a picture with Tory's markers
7 - Elf hiding in Tory's shoe by the front door
8 - Elf sleeping in the baby's swing
9 - Elf hiding in a bowl of marshmallows on the table
10 - Elf reading himself a Christmas storybook
11 - Elf hanging out in the Christmas tree
12 - Elf riding in the Little People's school bus
13 - Elf brushing his teeth with Tory's toothbrush
14 - Elf making a Fruit Loop cereal necklace
15 - Elf having a tea party in Tory's room
16 - Elf eating a Christmas cookie on the counter
17 - Elf hiding amongst Tory's plates and cups in the kitchen
18 - Elf sitting on top of our suitcases

Tory, Aden and I are traveling to Nebraska on the 18th to celebrate Christmas with my family (Andi will join up with us later) and unfortunately for Elfie, he won't be making the trip. Therefore, our little Elf on the Shelf adventures will end a few days before Christmas. I'm not too worried about it as I doubt Tory will realize something is missing from our daily routine on December 19th when Elfie hasn't randomly appeared at my parent's house. I do hope she gets a kick out of finding his location throughout our house everyday! It'll be fun to witness her first reaction to one of many new (to her) holiday traditions.

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  1. Lauren really enjoyed it last year! Sometimes our elf would even bring her little gifts (candy cane, books, stickers) from Santa if she went to bed well or was an extra good listener.

    This year she isn't very happy with our elf Elfis because he is kind of naughty in her opinion - this morning he took her couch out of her doll house and laid down to take a nap on it. She was mad at him for moving her stuff - hahaha!

    Hope Tory enjoys him!!