Saturday, December 28, 2013

Letters to Aden: One Month

My darling baby boy,

It's hard to believe you've been in our lives for over four weeks now. Like all wonderful things, it feels as if you were born yesterday - though the days leading up to your birth took forever and ever and ever - and yet, simultaneously, it's hard to remember a time you weren't a part of our family. You bring me so much joy. It felt impossible to love another person as much as I love my first born child and then you come along and open my heart so completely. I'm bursting with adoration for you.

You are such an easy baby, Aden. Oh my goodness am I thankful for your peaceful nature each and every day. Honestly, I think part of it is your personality and also that I'm much more confident in my parenting skills the second time around. I threw a holiday party for friends just three weeks after you were born and you happily slept on me in the baby carrier while I cooked, cleaned and prepared for it. It took months of practice before I mastered multi-tasking when your sister was small. You love your swing and are content to lay quietly and chill or often fall asleep on your own in there. I'm still amazed every time you let me put you down to complete basic tasks like showering and eating. You're just so happy and content all the time! I love it. 

Guess what? You also love your car seat! Having a baby who is able to go places is pure heaven. Oh, my. I will never take this luxury for granted. 

Hence, you've been quite a few places in your short life. You made your first trip to our Wisconsin lake cabin at two weeks old and took your first airline flight to Nebraska at three weeks. You did fabulously on each trip, sleeping through most of our travels. We've also taken you to a Christmas concert, to church and to see Santa Claus this month. You're a busy little boy.

You're a "binkey baby" and this is also something so different to me. Pop that pacifier in your mouth and you are Good. To. Go. I'm sure I'll be cursing myself someday when I have to break you of the habit, but for now it is awesome to console you so easily. 

You also spit up quite a bit which is a new issue I've learned to manage. I can't remember Tory ever spitting up and you can be quite projectile. Acid reflux, maybe? Luckily, you don't seem to be uncomfortable, just spitty, so I've learned to keep you upright as much as possible. Word on the street is your daddy was the same was as a baby. I guess you inherited the trait from him. 

Speaking of traits, if you aren't your daddy through and through. Everyone comments on your resemblance to him. You have his ears and mouth/chin for sure. Your hair is a light brown color and sometimes almost strawberry-blond, which is definitely from his Swedish heritage. I think you have Nana Candy's eyes and nose, but it's too soon to tell. At times, you look just like Tory and she now looks a lot like Nana / my side of the family so maybe you do have some of my characteristics after all. In any event, I think you are the most beautiful boy I've ever laid eyes on.

No nickname for you yet which strangely bugs me inside. Tory was coined "Tory Bean" almost immediately and for some reason, no nickname I hear sounds right for you. Nana calls you "little bear" but to me you're just my "little man." It's funny the way Tory picks up on my conversations with you and calls you little man as well. Maybe the person you become will give way to a family nickname you'll lovingly be called.

Some details about your physical growth and development: you are a very long baby, measuring 21 1/2 inches at birth. You wore newborn-size clothing for about two weeks and quickly outgrew them in length. You're now wearing 0-3 months clothes, but even a few of those (especially sleepers and onesies with snaps between the legs) are becoming tight in length on you. You seem to be packing on the pounds and it makes my heart skip a beat as I watch your skinny little chicken legs plump into rolly polly ones. You weighed 7 lbs 11oz at birth and dipped down to 7 lbs 0oz in the days after, but are now weighing in at 11 lbs based on my at-home measurements. You're wearing Size 1 diapers now, but I have a feeling it won't be for long. I can't believe how fast you're growing! Right before my very eyes, little boy. 

I'm nursing you almost exclusively and estimate you drink about 2-3oz. every 2-3 hours. There was a stretch in your early days when the pediatrician requested we offer you formula after a nursing session to make sure you were gaining weight. Although I didn't completely agree with the recommendation, we did as asked and you seemed to handle formula and drinking from a bottle perfectly fine. You're going to sleep for the night around 9pm and wake to eat around Midnight, 3am and 6am. You're not on a strict schedule of any kind, although I do notice a pattern developing in your rest time and feedings. You seem to take a longer nap in the mornings from 7am - 9am and in the afternoons from 1pm - 3pm. You don't really have a "fussy time" like some babies do in the evenings. Some nights, you seem a little restless from 8pm - 9pm, but it's nothing a good snuggle can't cure.

I know your babyhood will fly by incredibly fast (it already is!) so I'm trying to drink you in as much as I can right now. You are, and always will be, my sweet baby boy. I love you with all my heart. 


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  1. This reminds me so much of Luke's first month! The awe at being able to leave the house much easier, him being a binky baby (until he found his thumb). I'm glad you've had a good first month of his babyhood!