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Cabo San Lucas: Days 5 & 6

Day 5 - Sunday
Upon waking on Day 5 of our Cabo San Lucas vacation, Aden felt much better. His mild fever broke sometime around 3:00am, thanks to a dose of infant Tylenol. I can't remember a time Tory's ever spiked a fever, so Aden's sudden bout of sickness really threw me for a loop. It wasn't ideal for him to get sick during our trip, but better he was with me than back in the U.S. far away from me I felt. And luckily, his fever wasn't anything too serious. He had no other symptoms so I really think it was teething related. He's a drooling fool these days.

Unfortunately, Sunday morning Andi and I both had gurgling stomachaches. I'm positive it had nothing to do with Aden's fever and was likely due to days of excessive eating and drinking. Andi felt better after a few hours, but I couldn't shake the feeling of a mildly upset stomach all day.

The five of us ventured down the street to Medano Beach for the morning. Our main goal was to get a family picture by the water and take Aden to the beach for the first time. Sunday's weather was cooler and a bit overcast, so we thought it was the perfect opportunity to take the baby outdoors. Aden fell asleep the minute he was situated into his car seat/stroller, so we stopped for breakfast. Baja Cantina is a large beachside restaurant with sweeping views of the Sea of Cortez but truthfully, the place wasn't anything special. I was surprised when Andi caved to the requests of demanding greeters at the entrance inviting us to eat at their restaurant. We passed by these same greeters several times a day on the sidewalk and their solicitations were so annoying. Breakfast was average; Andi ordered the continental meal, Janie ordered a traditional Mexican breakfast dish called machaca and Tory and I shared a plate of waffles and fruit. Tory would've given this place five stars; she sat on my lap and scarfed down waffles with whipped cream. We were both covered in syrup by the time she finished eating.

After breakfast, the five of us strolled along the Medano Beach boardwalk and found a good spot to sit outside the Casa Dorado hotel. This place was one of the properties Andi considered when booking our lodging, but after touring it we were thankful we chose to stay at Marina Sol. Casa Dorado was very nice and would have been a great spot to stay for just Andi and I, but we loved how relaxed and comfortable our condo property was vs. an upscale hotel. I didn't think we'd be able to use Casa Dorado's roped-off beach area, but Andi said it never hurts to ask. He inquired about using one of their large beach canopies and the waiter said they were "for guest only, but today we were his guests." I think he was just happy to have a family occupying his section with the promise to purchase food and drinks from him.

Aden was still sleeping, so Janie volunteered to sit with him while Andi, Tory and I walked along the beach. At first, Tory was nervous to put her feet in the sand and asked me to carry her. I tried to convince her to walk beside me, but she refused. It was the ocean waves that made her so uneasy. Eventually, Tory agreed to walk on her own, then mustered up the courage to splash her toes in the water as I held her in my arms. A few minutes later, Tory was barreling full-force into the waves by herself. Now we couldn't keep her out of the water. She was soaked.

Chasing seagulls
Grandma Janie waiting with a sleeping Aden

Running with Daddy on Medano Beach
One of the many street vendors passed by with maracas on his cart and I convinced Andi that Tory needed some. She seemed less than impressed with them, so it was probably a worthless $7 we spent on junk that'll sit at the bottom of her toy bin, but we couldn't very well back out of the sale after the man let us try them all out.

Soon Aden woke up and we finally got our family picture at the beach. It's impossible to get everyone to look at the camera at once, especially Toy who's most interested in touching Aden if he's anywhere close to her. By now, the sun was heating up so it was a quick snap of the camera and Aden went back into the stroller under cover. His skin is especially sensitive, so I didn't want to take a chance with him exposed to the sun. He did lounge for a few minutes in the shade underneath one of the beach cabanas.

We left the beach and walked to lunch at Gardenia's for the second time this trip. Their fish tacos are to die for, and I'm not a big lover of seafood so that's saying something. Delicious. Highly recommend. Tory had her first sip of soda at the restaurant. Andi gave her a taste of his Mexican Coca Cola and she was not a fan. Her sour face was pretty funny. A certain missus' temper tantrum threatened to ruin our meal, but luckily Tory was able to hold it together once the food arrived. Overall, I was so impressed with her behavior in restaurants on this trip. We generally don't take Tory out to eat anywhere because she's a handful, so I was very proud of her for sitting through so many dining excursions. Though, it's challenging for two-year-olds to be perfectly behaved every minute.

After lunch, it was screen time, then nap time.

At some point during the afternoon, we saw the father of our Canadian friend Antonio being wheeled out of the condo complex on a stretcher by EMTs. We weren't sure what happened, but ran down to our new friends to offer babysitting for their little girl Isa while they dealt with the situation. (They didn't take us up on our offer because, really, who would leave their small child with people they'd just met in a foreign country days prior, but we genuinely wanted to help). Later, we learned the father/grandfather had medication complications and they'd all changed their flights to go home the following day. Not only were we concerned for the grandfather's health, but we were also bummed our Canadian friends and Tory's pool buddy would be leaving Marina Sol so soon. 

Later, Andi and Janie swam in the pool with Tory back while I sat beneath a shaded patio table with Aden. A girl could get used to this beach / pool / eat / sleep routine.

My stomach was still feeling queasy, so I opted out of dinner. Janie and Andi took Tory down to the poolside Marina Sol restaurant and brought back plates of coconut shrimp and a grilled cheese for Tory. I nibbled on a few bites of Tory's food to get something in my stomach and called it an early night.


Day 6 - Monday
I woke up feeling much better on Monday. Andi had some work to do for an upcoming event happening this weekend in Vegas, so he was away in his office (which was actually the stairwell outside our condo suite, the only place we had a strong Internet signal). Janie, Tory and I made breakfast for ourselves inside our place while he worked. After a while, I took Tory outside to walk around the property grounds, blow bubbles and feed the birds. The entire condo area was gated and locked, so it was nice for Tory to be able to walk around without much worry. She made many friends with the other Marina Sol residents. Everyone was so friendly to her and many remembered her name. "Hola!" Tory said as she passed by everyone from guests to employees. Andi joined us by the pool after he was done working.

We got ready for the beach again because, well, that's what you do on vacation. All five of us decided to go because we were confident we could get a covered beach cabana and keep Aden out of the sun. Janie offered to sit with the baby since he was sleeping again. She said it was one of her life's bucket list items - check!

Meanwhile, Andi and I played with Tory in the sand by the ocean. The weather was already warm, so I dressed her better for splashing in the water this day. Isa (her little Canadian friend) left for the airport earlier in the day and gave all her beach toys to Tory before she departed. Tory was in heaven with scoops, buckets and shovels to dig in the sand. I hadn't brought any toys along with us on vacation because I felt like Tory would have enough to explore, but Isa's mom had been organized and brought everything with them, including an entire suitcase full of toys. Tory reaped the benefits.

We had an awesome time at that beach that day. The sun was shining, the weather hot and not a cloud in the sky. I could've stayed outside all day but unfortunately, nap time called. Andi ordered chicken nachos, fruit and chips and guacamole for lunch from the Casa Dorado waiter. Then, we packed up and walked the short block back to the condo.

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