Monday, March 24, 2014

Modern-Day Mom's Meet-Up

This spring marks two years Tory and her best friend Ashley have known one another. We met Ashley and her mom, Lindsey, in the very same swimming program we started again last week. It's crazy how much the girls have grown and matured in those short two years. Of course, I had to snap a few photos before they hit the pool. It's pretty obvious how much Tory and Ashley adore one another.

Tory and Ashley do nearly everything together (swimming, music, gymnastics, etc.). Of course, this has nothing to do with the fact that her mom Lindsey and I love getting together to socialize as often as our schedules allow. Ahem. I guess you could say it's our version of the modern-day Mommy and Me meet-up. We don't live close enough to swap stories over the backyard fence, so we sign the girls up for fun activities together to get in our (near) daily dose of friendship and peer support.

As a SAHM, I enjoy having one activity a day to keep Tory and I busy. Our daily routine usually consists of a morning class or play date followed by lunch at home, afternoon naps for the kids, then free play at home (or laundry, dinner prep, baking a treat together, etc.). But, truth be told, I completely over-scheduled myself this winter. I'm not sure what I was thinking given I was adjusting to a newborn at home on top of it all. Tory was enrolled in toddler preschool on Tuesdays, gymnastics on Thursdays and music on Fridays. Some of my other household duties were slipping because I wasn't home enough to do them. Plus, it's a lot of work bundling the kids up in their winter garb and hauling them outdoors everyday. I will say it kept my mind distracted from the long winter because we stayed fairly busy throughout the week and we're always at the cabin on the weekends.

This is a total princess problem I realize, but I told Lindsey the other day I needed to dial things back this spring. She agreed, and we came up with the fantastic idea to schedule a rotating calendar of activities to do with the kids every other Friday. That way, on the opposite Fridays we'd each have a "free day" to run errands or do things on our own. We'll still see each other often and get in the "gab time" we love while having the chance to do fun (and many times, free!) activities around the Twin Cities. We came up with a great big list of things to do this spring / summer. I can't wait to get started!


  1. So you're going to watch each other's kids every other week? That's pretty genius. I should set something like that up for this summer - I just have to find someone who has the same # of kids as me so it's fair. Aaaand determine if I can actually handle six kids, lol! Great plan!

  2. No, we'll get together for a playdate basically at pre-determined activities every other Friday. Does that make sense? That way we're essentially in some sort of organized activity (that we've determined - whether that be the library, zoo, nature center, etc.) - and then we'll still be getting together w/o the hard commitment of joining a formal activity. Make sense?

  3. Aaahhh yes! We do something like that with our playgroup every Wednesday. It's the same group of ladies that I met when Lilah was just 3 weeks old and now we still get together every Wednesday morning - but now we all have a LOT more kids, lol! We either meet up at each other's homes, parks, local playspaces, etc… It is nice to know that we always have that activity planned for the week.
    But I still like the idea of trading kids too, haha!