Monday, March 3, 2014

Deep Snow

Growing up in Nebraska, I have memories of knee-deep snow in the front yard of our house on 28th Street. I remember snow swirling and winds howling around in the open field behind our house. Winter lasted a few months, but luckily above-freezing temperatures never kept snow on the ground for long.

My memories of great snowfalls in Nebraska - when snow drifts reached my seven-year-old knee caps - are nothing compared to winters in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Today, for example, is our 50th wake-up to subzero temperatures this season and newscasters report this to be the ninth coldest winter on record for the Twin Cities. Brutal.

So while Minnesota and Wisconsin winters are cold and snowy, this winter seems extreme.

And, it is.

I wanted to document the magnitude of snow on the ground particularly so someday when Tory thinks back on her childhood memories, she'll have proof of just how impressive this winter was.

Andi snapped a few photos of Tory Girl in her winter garb this past weekend - snow suit, boots, gloves, face mask and goggles. It was -17 degrees outside on this morning with 30 inches of snow on the ground (Tory's 34 inches tall, for reference).

Perched on top of a giant snow bank on the backside of the cabin.

My girl loves it. She's an Up North snow-bunny, for sure.

Andi and I took bets this weekend on how long until the last snow melts in the yard. My guess is June 1; Andi's is May 15.

Let's hope he wins this one. (Come on, Spring!)


  1. It's still unfathomable to me, even seeing tiny Tory next to those snow banks. So crazy!

  2. I just can't wait until we can simply walk out the door without bundling up (x3) every single time we have to go somewhere! Winters like this sure make you appreciate the warmer weather once it gets here though :)

  3. FIFTY DAYS OF BELOW ZERO!! It really does seem unreal at this point and even worse that when it's like 8 degrees we think it's not so bad. After this awful winter we better have the most perfect summer ever, we deserve it after this.