Thursday, March 20, 2014

Letters to Aden: Four Months


Just like that, you're four months old! Really, where has the time gone? You continue to be the happiest little baby on the block. Your demeanor is sweet, snuggly and almost always content. Everyone who meets you - from friends to strangers - comments on how good-natured you are. You'll flash a big gummy smile to just about anyone you see.

At four months old, you weigh 14 lbs. 4oz. (37%) and are 24.5 inches tall (20%). To me, you seem like a big-sized baby, now wearing 6-9 month clothing and size 3 diapers, so I was surprised to learn at your four month well-child check-up that you're in the lower percentages for weight and height. You are a solid little guy, there's not a lot of rolls and creases to you. Well, except for chins that go on and on for days. Your hair is growing in and it's turning from blond to light brown. Your eyes are a gorgeous bright blue color and I'd be surprised if they change to anything else. The older you become, the more similarities I see between you and Tory in appearance, but your eye color sets the two of you apart.

Sleep is another area you're taking after Tory. You still wake up every 2-3 hours throughout the night. I had high hopes you'd figure this sleep thing out by four months old, little buddy. I thought I'd paid my dues to the universe with your poor-sleeping sister, but that doesn't seem to be the case thus far. You have no problem falling asleep on your own, but wake to eat or need your pacifier popped back into your mouth on the dot at 9pm / Midnight / 3am /and 5am. Oof. I'm working on letting you fuss for a few minutes in your crib, but honestly I'm exhausted and basically doing whatever I have to do to get sleep. During the day, you take a late morning nap for about an hour, sleep for about two hours in the afternoon and still take a power-snooze around 5pm. The day you outgrow your baby swing is the day I'll weep with sadness because you sleep your longest stretches in there.

You continue to love the pacifier, your swing, being carried in the Baby Bjorn and have just started to show interest in toy rattles and sucking on your fists. Your head/neck control is getting better when being held, but you're rather content to lay on your back vs. practice tummy time and therefore, you're not very good at holding your head and chest up off the ground. We need to work on this one. Recently, you've learned to roll onto your left side but have yet to figure out how to roll over completely from back to stomach.

Around three months old, you developed a skin rash on your neck, cheeks, in your armpits and on your chest. I tried all types of creams and lotions before I finally found something that worked to cure it. You felt so miserable when the rash would flare up and it's some of the only times I've seen you truly fuss non-stop. You have more sensitive / fair skin that I've ever had to deal with, so it's been an interesting lesson in trial and error to see what soaps and lotions work for you without irritation.

This month, you took your second plane ride and first international trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. You now have your very own passport which is simply adorable. You were a rockstar traveler on the airplane and had many firsts during our vacation including visiting the beach / ocean for the first time, wearing shorts and being outdoors without fifty-million layers and blankets over you, going for a boat ride, seeing whales swimming in the ocean (although, honestly, you slept through that part) and hanging out by the pool. We loved making memories together and look forward to many more trips as family.

Aden, I'm more in love with you each and every day as your personality begins to shine. Thank you for being my happy, easy-going baby. I can't wait to see what the next month brings.



  1. Wow, I'm surprised by his stats as well. He looks SO BIG! Maybe it's in part because he isn't terribly long that he looks so chunky? I would have guessed that he was on the high side for everything from the pictures. My guy has always been on the average side which surprised me every time because he's always been such a chunk, haha! But the percentage charts for girls and boys are very different and I'm used to L who was always on the high side for length and A who is always on the high side for weight.
    I bet his baby blues are here to stay! At first I kind of hoped that Walker's eyes turned brown so that my kids all matched, but now I love that my girls have my eyes and my boys both have blues :)

  2. Sorry about the sleep drama. I am crossing my fingers both kids settle down soon so you can catch up! I know how hard it can be!

    He is such a cute baby! I have also been noticing how he looks more and more like Tory.

  3. Aden looks so much like his big sister! And your trip looked amazing. So great that your husband could get away for family time yet still be able to get some work time in too. It looked like the kids did great & I'm sure having Grandma there made things 1,000x easier/more fun!

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