Thursday, August 7, 2014

My First Fix

I'm fashion challenged.

There. I said it.

I don't particularly like shopping (for me, at least, I very much enjoy shopping for Tory and Aden) and I don't have an abundance of time in my life right now to shop in stores (ha, actually zero time for this) or for online shopping & returning (I guess I do have a smidgin of time for online shopping, but there's about fifty-million other things I'd rather do with my precious alone time).

My everyday life involves running errands, caring for my children and attending their various activities. By the end of the day, I'm usually wearing a fair amount of kid goo on my outfit. So, fashion = not so important to me.

But ... It's important to myself I not let my appearance slip too far. I have no reason to "dress up" every day, but I usually try to throw on a pair of jeans and a shirt, wear make-up and brush my hair. It makes me feel better about myself when I put forth a little effort, and I also want to look nice for Andi when he comes home from work everyday. (I feel a little 1950's housewife saying that, but it's true.) I've basically adopted a go-to "mom-uniform" to wear everyday.

In the warmer months:
Mossimo Bermuda Shorts, Mossimo V-Neck Tee and flip flops

It's fairly obvious I buy my "mom uniform" at Target while I'm also stocking up on toilet paper and baby diapers.

And, in the cooler months:
GAP Skinny jeans, Mossimo Long-Sleeve Tee and a colorful scarf

These looks are easy for me - effortless, really - and it fits my lifestyle well.

Except, when Andi and I go out for a date night or I'm meeting friends for a girl's night, I really struggle to find something special to wear. I'd love to have a few staple shirts, pants and dresses for options on those occasions. I'd heard a few rumblings about Stitch Fix and last month, I decided to give it a try. And, I'm so happy I did! (ps: this isn't a sponsored post; I'm just so impressed with my first Fix, I wanted to share. There is a referral program so if you feel like trying Stitch Fix for yourself, feel free to use my code:

I completed the online profile, scheduled my first Fix and honestly forgot about it until a box showed up on my doorstep a few weeks later. My first Stitch Fix box included one dress, three tops and one pair of skinny jeans which is the perfect mixture of clothing items for me. I had pretty low expectations when I tried everything on and was pleasantly surprised when everything was super cute, fit nicely and exactly my style.

I love, love, love the red skinny jeans and I know I'll get a ton of wear out of them. The gray/white striped Dolman top (far left) is cute and comfortable and the black scrunched-waist top (far right) is very figure-flattering. I liked the chevron dress, but it was too tight in the bust so I sent it back. I also sent back the navy/red color block top because the fit wasn't perfect on me. Overall: 3 out of 5 clothing items were winners. SCORE!

Possibly best of all, I didn't have to shop for any of it. The clothing items showed up on my doorstep, I tried them on in the comfort of my own bedroom and shipped back the duds in a pre-paid postage envelope. I mean, really? Could this program be any easier? I'm so excited for my next shipment to arrive next month and even more jazzed to introduce some oomph into my mom-wardrobe.


  1. I always wondered how those types of packages would be and have heard of Stitch Fix before but loving some of these items - you look great in them! My fave are the red pants for sure! Might have to check this out, even if for a month.

  2. How fun!! : ) I too may have to check this out!! I never can pair things just right, so I always resort to the same thing - plain tee's and some type of pant/short. I just bought a pair of red pants last week but haven't been "brave' enough to wear them yet, you look great in yours!! I may have to pull them out for a test run this week!

  3. You look great in all of it! I still want to try, but my shopping money is a little thin right now.