Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Rutabaga Fest 2014

This past weekend at the cabin was the annual Rutabaga Festival in nearby Cumberland. It's no secret I'm a sucker for small town celebrations, so I look forward to this weekend all year long.

Andi worked a long day Friday, so we got a late start out of the Cities. We've been spoiled this summer with Friday night dinners on the deck and sunset boat rides on the lake to wind down after a busy week. No such luck this weekend. Minutes after we rolled into the cabin around the kids' bedtimes, the cabin neighbor sent a text invitation to join everyone over at their place. What do responsible parents like And and I do? Load the kids into the car again and head on over! I was certain we'd combat tears and fussy bedtimes as a result, but surprisingly Aden and Tory were troopers. As soon as the kids saw all their favorite cabin friends, they were in great spirits. Tory and her little friend Hannah hadn't seen each other for three weeks, so they kept hugging and saying "I missed my friend." Completely adorable.

Bright and early Saturday morning, we packed up the family and headed into town for the Rutabaga Festival's 5K Fun Run. I had high hopes to run the race this year, but I'm just not there yet with my Couch to 5K training. Super disappointed in myself. But! There was a big group of cabin friends walking the race this year for various reasons, so Andi and I pushed Tory and Aden in the double stroller alongside Lisa, Oscar and Deanna pushing Hannah and Baby Kate, Morgan's boyfriend Nick, Brooke's boyfriend Anthony and others.

Aden and Tory, ready to race

Naturally, the race ends in a beer garden so we recapped the morning over beers with friends. Aden wanted down on the ground so badly, but the floor of a beer garden isn't exactly the more sanitary place for a baby. (It could be argued beer gardens aren't the best place for babies in general but, eh.) Anyway, I put him in the baby carrier and did what every good mother does - multi-tasked. 

After the Fun Run, Andi and I broke off from the group with our cabin friends Josh, Krista and their daughters Hannah and Kate. We walked the downtown streets and shopped at the local vendor stands set up along the way. Much to Andi's chagrin, I bought Aden his own little boy's apron to wear when he can start cooking in the kitchen with Tory and I. I also bought Aden a hand-sewn fox stocking hat to match the owl one we bought Tory a few years ago. Can't wait to see the kids wearing their hats and aprons together!

Andi stopped for cheese curds, of course, Krista and Josh split a pulled pork sandwich and I had a delicious custard-filled chocolate croissant along the way. Seriously cannot stop thinking about that croissant! We also stopped by the local firetrucks on display, and the little girls got plastic fire hats and Sparky stickers. What a fun morning!

I think almost everyone on the lake took naps Saturday afternoon to recuperate from the early wake-up for the race. Andi and I tossed around the idea of going back into town for carnival rides later in the day, but opted to stay at the lake and go for an afternoon boat ride. Summer is winding down and our boat rides around the lake are numbered so we decided to take advantage. For dinner, we joined the rest of the cabin crew for a BBQ and Oscar and Deanna's place. We grilled hamburgers and hobo potatoes, played lawn games in the yard and sat with the babies on a blanket in the grass. The perfect ending to a great day at the lake.

Hannah and Tory playing in the sand

Wine in a redneck wine glass!


Greg and Josh grilling up dinner

Hannah Banana

Next weekend's Labor Day and the unofficial end of summer. It's bittersweet to see such a fun summer coming to an end, but wonderful at the same time to reflect on all the fun memories we've shared with our friends at the lake.


  1. What is Hammerschlagen? It looks a lot like something we call Stump. Everyone has a nail and you have to throw a hammer in the air and have it rotate one time, catch it and try to bang someone else's nail into the stump. It's a drinking game. Is that similar to your game?

    1. Yep! Sounds fairly similar, though we don't toss the hammer in the air and try to catch it. Eeek! In our version, you hit your own nail and the goal is to get it into the stump with as few hits as possible. I think there's a drinking component (you miss, you drink kind of thing), but we didn't play that way last weekend.

  2. RUTABAGA FEST!!! I am dyyyying. Looks like fun! (Rutabaga haaaaaaa!)