Friday, August 8, 2014

My Big Girls' BIG Accomplishment

This post is all about my big girl and the potty so if that's not your thang, feel free to skip ahead to the next exciting topic you're reading on the Internet...


Tory's potty-trained! Wahoo!

I think everyone knows our history on potty-training (likely because I tend to ramble about such exciting details). Anyway for back story, Tory potty-trained last October at 25 months old. At the time, I wasn't super jazzed about toilet-training a young toddler when I was 8 months pregnant and the life-changing event of adding a new child to our family was on the horizon, but Tory expressed interest and I jumped on the opportunity. When I look back I realize potty training was kind of a pain. While Tory was technically potty-trained, I had to remind her to use the bathroom every 20 minutes and she still had accidents occasionally. Her overall bodily coordination and size were issues. She had a difficult time pulling up/down her pants, and preferred using the real toilet but had trouble climbing up there by herself. So basically, I waddled (I was 8 months pregnant, remember?) and recited the phrase "do you have to potty?" all day, every day. I'll be honest, it wasn't the best of times.

We all know what happened next. Aden was born and Tory regressed. Big time. She started to soil her clothes multiple times a day. So many times, in fact, I'd run out of clean underwear and pants for her to wear ... and the girl has a lot of clothes. It turned into a battle to get her to use the toilet at all. Mounted with all the stress of adjusting to a new baby, Andi and I turned to each other one day and said, "Forgot this!" We put Tory back in diapers and never looked back. And, Tory seemed happy about it. Yes, we were buying double the diapers and that part stunk, but it made life a heck of a lot easier. I vowed not to revisit potty-training again until Tory practically begged me to do so.

Cut to a few weeks ago at our lake cabin -- out of the blue, Tory asked Andi to use the toilet. He sat her on there and she pooped. Huh? Wow! Good job, Tory! Okay, back in a diaper you go ...

A few days later at home, Tory asked to use the toilet again. I let her, she did her business and I put a diaper on her again. A bit later, the same scenario. Again. And again. I kept putting a diaper back on her because -- no -- I wasn't going down the road again until Tory was ready to commit. Last Monday, we were home for the day with no big plans so when Tory asked to use the potty, I decided keep her without clothes on the bottom half to "test the waters." Sure enough, she did great going potty on her own all day long. And, the best part? I didn't even remind her. Tory used the bathroom on her own and hollered if she needed assistance. We ran a few errands the next day and I put her in underwear. No issues. She told me when she had to use the restroom, I took her and that was it. Simple.

... So, no issues other than one poop-in-the-underwear accident after which Tory exclaimed, "Yuck! That was gross!" and never did it again. It's been two weeks now and she's doing so awesome. I'm still putting Tory in a diaper at naps and bedtime, but I think she could go through nap time without I diaper if I let her as she's been waking up dry everyday. I guess I need to invest in a plastic mattress cover or something, but ... eh, I'm in no rush to be changing soiled sheets on the regular so I'm not pushing that milestone any time soon.

Reading back on my blog post from last October, I now realize Tory was too immature to potty train. She just wasn't ready. This age now -- a few weeks shy of Age Three -- is so much easier. Tory has the physical ability to pull up / down her own clothing, she is capable of using the toilet on her own and there's way, way, way less mess. I don't know why I felt like there was some parenting badge to achieve in potty training my child at an early age, but now I see it's a lot easier to wait until they're mature enough to comprehend it all.

So, yay! Milestone achieved. That was easy.


  1. That is so awesome!! I'm avoiding this with Luke because he seems so against it, and also just doesn't seem ready. It does seem sometimes like earlier potty training is something to aspire to, but like you said - it's super annoying! I'd WAY rather have a kid in diapers than a newly potty trained kid. I hope Luke DOES eventually show interest. He's not so hot at getting his clothes on and off yet, and screams at the mention of the potty so yeah. Not there yet. Slightly unsettling because Annie was trained by now but I know boys are usually later, kids are different, blah blah.

    Glad this round was easy!!

  2. That's soooo great! I've definitely learned that potty training is WAY EASIER if you just wait for the child to lead the way…even if that means they are in diapers until they are 4. Just save yourself and the kid the frustration!
    So glad to hear it went well this time and she is doing great!

  3. I feel like there should be a like button for this post! Yay for Tory! And for you too :-)

  4. Yay for Tori! We sort of went through the same thing - gave it a try and realized Riley wasn't ready, but shortly before 3 she just got it. My friend sends her daughters to a daycare where they start potty training when the kids are one, which seems crazy to me. I don't know any kid that is ready at that age.

  5. YES. I potty trained my second when he was almost three and it was so easy peasy. I jumped the gun with my first and it took 6 freaking months. Never again.

  6. haha 'yuck. that was gross' mmmmhm sure is! That is great too! When she was ready she let you know. I like the pre-potty they figure out how it works and then when they are ready they'll let you know. We aren't in any rush, but Aria knows what she is suppose to do on the toilet and asks to use it occasionally. Whenever she wants to start using it more she can, but no rush on my part. I have no desire to clean up accidents all day if it just isn't the right time - you poor thing btw...8 months pregnant too. oy.

  7. It seems like there are little windows of interest in potty training when the kid is into it for a bit...and then not so much. With my first, a little window opened up when she was 20 months old and there was no turning back. At that age she wanted to do everything herself, so going on a toilet became just another venue for her own independence. So for us, it worked really well to do it when she was one (though still used a diaper for sleep times). I'm hoping my second baby does the same because changing a 2+ year old's diaper is more gross to me than emptying a tiny potty!!

  8. I'm so happy that she is back on the wagon! What a good girl!!

    And following suit, Cruzer was in big boy undies all last week with only a few small accidents...hoping to be joining you guys soon!

  9. Yay Tory! We tried to potty train our oldest when she was just over 2, and it went ok, until little sister started crawling. Then, just like Tory, she totally regressed. We waited until she was older and then it was so much easier! I've taken the approach to wait until Little J is ready before we get started.

  10. hurray! the new baby regression is SO common. Spencer had it too, even though he didn't start until I was already on maternity leave and Henry started after his 3rd birthday.