Saturday, August 23, 2014

Our Weekend at the Cabin: A Farewell to Friends

Summer is flying by. Just flying. This time of year always tugs at my heart strings because I fondly remember my last days of pregnancy with Tory -- the Minnesota State Fair, back-to-school time. We've had so many fun get-togethers planned at the cabin in the last few months, and now there's only two more "official summer" weekends left on the calendar. *tear*

My good friend Lindsey and her family joined us at the cabin last weekend, and I'd been looking forward to their visit all summer. Lindsey and Dan moved to the Twin Cities three years ago, but had yet to experience the true beauty of an "up North" summer. I really wanted to share the magic of cabin life with them -- boating, bonfires, swimming in the lake -- before they move their family once again later this fall.

We all arrived to the cabin Friday night around the same time, started the cocktails flowing and headed out for a boat ride on the lake. It was the perfect start to a great weekend as we watched the sun set over the lake. Lindsey and Dan's girls are quite traveled for being so young, so I was surprised to learn this was their first boat ride! Glad they were able to share it with us.

Captain Tory

All the kids
Tory (2), Ashley (2), Taylor (1) and Aden (8 months)

Dan and Ashley

Tory Girl

Sunset boat ride
Lindsey and I holding Tory and Aden

Lindsey, Dan, Andi and I stayed up far too late Friday night sitting by the fire, drinking and talking. It was so fun to laugh and spend time with our friends. Our Saturday morning started early with chipper kids ready to play. I think it's safe to say all four of us adults were hurting a bit.

Andi took Dan, Ashley and Tory for a long truck ride in the Ranger ATV Saturday morning while Lindsey and I stayed back at the cabin with Aden and Tory. When they came back, we all headed outside for a boat ride around the lake and some beach time.

Dan and Ashley

Playing at the beach

Andi and Aden

Ashley jumping off the dock for the first time

Tory swimming in the lake

Tory jumping off the dock

More fun times playing at the beach ...

Searching for buried treasure

The girls feeding fish with their dads

Aden Bear

Paddle boat rides

Best friends

I'd arranged for a babysitter Saturday night but she had to cancel last-minute, so we ended up hanging around the cabin. Dan grilled a steak dinner for all of us, the kids played and we enjoyed our time together.

I couldn't help but think over the weekend how this would likely be the last weekend Lindsey and Dan spend with us at the lake cabin. Soon, they'll be moving their family across the U.S. and our time together will be few and far between. It makes me so sad! Very thankful for their friendship and so glad we were able to share a great weekend at the cabin together.


  1. haha, late nights always hurt in the morning! But, also just good for the soul. Awesome that you got to spend some QT time with your friends before the move away. Sounds like a great trip. I've got such fond memories of lake trips as a kid.

  2. I love reading about your cabin trips! It looks like such a peaceful place to be able to enjoy so frequently!