Tuesday, October 14, 2014

DIY Halloween Flashlight Shadows

Last Halloween, Grandma Janie bought Tory a princess flashlight to use for trick-or-treating. She loved it. Tory used the flashlight on Halloween and slept with it every night following until the batteries finally ran out months later. I worried the flashlight tucked beside Tory's sleepy body would somehow heat up and spontaneously combust, but Andi lovingly reminded me to take a chill pill and let our (then) two-year-old daughter be a kid.

Mean mom alert: I never replaced the batteries in Tory's princess flashlight after they burned out because I was tired of the bedtime shenanigans surrounding it. Keeping tabs on that darn flashlight was a pain! (Okay, maybe I was still a little concerned it would light a fire in her bed or something.) Some time later, Tory discovered our household emergency flashlight in a pantry drawer and claimed it as her own. Now she plays "fashion show" with the grown-up flashlight by shining it on the foam letters mat set out in the living room, and projects the flashlight beam onto walls and furniture. One afternoon as I watched Tory play with the flashlight, a fun idea popped in my head ...

I grabbed a sheet of orange construction paper, a pair of scissors, a few pieces of tape and Tory's beloved flashlight. I traced the shape of the flashlight head onto a piece of construction paper,

... free-handed little "fold tabs" on each side of the flashlight head,

... and drew Halloween shapes in the center. Hey, look! My very impressive inner artiste is showing. 

Next, I cut out the circle flashlight shape with the tabs on the sides and cut out the inner jack-o-lantern and ghost shapes. I taped one of the stencils to the flashlight head ... and voila! Halloween flashlight shadows! 

These were ...  not very fancy, cost me zero dollars (because I had all the supplies on hand) and took about seven seconds to make so, of course, Tory LOVED them. Isn't that always the way with children? The days I spend an entire nap time setting up a craft for us to do together are times Tory is over it in less than a minute.  

Halloween flashlight shadows have been mighty popular at our house in the past week. The shadows even work in the daylight - just hold the flashlight head close to a wall or flat surface. We brought the flashlight to bedtime, too, and paired it with our favorite Halloween storybooks: Pinkalicious Pink or Treat, Peek a Who? and Where is Baby's Pumpkin?

Can't wait to make more flashlight shadows for everyday play or for future holidays to come!


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  1. What a neat idea! So cool! I am remembering this for when Hallie is bigger!

  2. That is SO clever! Aria loves her stars and moon light turtle night light thing, projects on the walls type deal. I bet she'd get such a kick out of this. I wonder if we have a working flashlight...such a clever mom! Really is those simple two second things that the kids love.
    Thanks for linking up this week!!!

  3. That is totaally AWESOME!!! My kid LOVES flashlights and this is perfect and easy! GENIUS! Thanks for linking up this week and sharing this idea! Totally going to do this!

  4. Oh my gosh, this is GENIUS! My little guy is mildly obsessed with flash lights, and I'm certain he would LOVE this! And, no matter how hard I try with crafts, he's totally over them pretty much before they even begin. This is something he would jump right on board to do! Great idea, thanks for sharing!!