Thursday, October 30, 2014

Tory the Flower Girl

Andi's sister, Lindsay, got married a few weekends ago and Tory was asked to be the flower girl. Lindsay and her (now husband) Kyle were stars of the weekend, of course, but both my eyes were fixed on this adorable little girl (and her handsome daddy).

I was horrible at taking photos during the wedding events, mostly because I had my hands full with a now-mobile Aden, but I did get a few less-than-perfect iPhone photos. I'm anxious to see Lindsay's professional photographs of the wedding so I have some better mementos of Tory's (and Lindsay and Kyle's) big day. Tory was an adorable flower girl, and took her role as "official pedal thrower" very seriously. Lindsay gave Tory a Pinkalicious Flower Girl book and it's been on heavy reading rotation in our house ever since. 

Practicing at the rehearsal:

Lindsay did a nice job including Tory in the festivities and invited her and I to get our hair done with the wedding party on Saturday morning. This was honestly my favorite part of the weekend. It was SO FUN having a girl's morning with Tory. Not very often do I get to spend time with just her (actually, I can't remember the last time) and it felt so special walking hand-in-hand down the street to the salon in Uptown. The only thing I would've changed was that my appointment was at the same time as Tory's, so one of Lindsay's bridesmaids kept Tory company while I got my hair styled and I joined her as soon as I was done. Tory might have been the smallest client the salon had ever had, as all the girls oooh'd and ahhh'd over her adorableness.  

Tory's scared of loud noises (i.e.: the blow dryer) so I wasn't sure how washing and drying her hair would go, but she did awesome! 

Well, I don't think she loved that part ... but she didn't cry at least. 

The appointment took the better part of an hour and Tory sat so patiently in the salon chair as the stylist curled her hair.

After our appointments, we walked a few blocks down the street to pick up lunch to-go to bring back to Andi and Aden at home. If we wouldn't have had an important wedding to get to, I would have liked to stay out all afternoon with Tory, spoiling her with treats and a manicure. It was seriously so fun, (and easy to get around!) just the two of us. I think another Mommy/Tory "girl's day" is a must-do in the future.


  1. Oh my goodness, she is just too cute! I love the kids at weddings...they are one of my favorite parts! Love the pic of her laying back and getting her hair washed...she looks so grown up!

  2. A girls day! I love it. Hand in hand walking to get your hair fancied. That is why mom dreams are made of in my book! She is so cute getting her hair done, and great job dealing with the blow dryer.