Friday, October 3, 2014

Fashion On My Mind

I've been really into fashion lately.

Fashion? Who am I? I am so not a fashionista. I have very little style and a hard time wearing anything but jeans and a t-shirt most days, but I am trying to do better -- to look better for myself and for my husband.


There. That's a better word. I've been really into clothes lately. I think it's the nine month post-baby itch (though, actually, Aden's 10 months now) that has me feeling more like myself these days. I remember feeling like this around nine months postpartum with Tory, too. My clothes fit right again, I'm not losing my hair in clumps anymore, my stomach is mostly back to normal (as good as it's going to get, at least, without exercising consistently and watching what I eat) and perhaps most importantly -- mentally I feel more balanced than I have in a while. Hormones are a real trip for the female body, aren't they?

I like it. I enjoy being pregnant and it's a wonderful gift to devote my entire being to my babies (with nursing, etc.) but I'm happy to feel like myself again. It feels good.

So anyway, clothes ...

I received my second box from Stitch Fix this week, and once again they hit the nail on the head in styling for me. I am so pleased with my clothing items and this service -- I kept everything in my box this time! For this Fix, I wrote to my stylist and asked for a nice dress to wear to my sister-in-law Lindsay's wedding in October. I wondered what they'd select for me, and I've been anxiously waiting all month long to see if I'd be set with the perfect dress, or out shopping for myself last minute. I'm so thrilled my stylist delivered on not only one -- but two! -- great dresses for the wedding festivities.

My second Stitch Fix box included:

Brixon Ivy Macie Lace Detailed Fit & Flare Dress 

Oh my goodness, I am in love with this dress! I don't think the iPhone pics in my poorly-lit bedroom with a baby crawling around on the floor beneath me do this dress justice. It is beautiful, and will be absolutely perfect for Lindsay and Kyle's wedding later this month. 

The lace detail on the top of the dress is so feminine, while the black color gives it a bit of an edge. At first glance, I worried I'd have to wear a strapless bra (which would be reason enough for me to send it back), but a regular nude-colored bra didn't show through when I tried the dress on. I also love the peek-a-boo lace detail on the bottom of the dress. And, best of all, it hugs in all the right places (the bust) and is forgiving where I need it most (stomach area). It's perfect; I love it.

Pixley Harriet Geo Print Fit & Flare Dress   

This dress is so adorable! I immediately thought, "rehearsal dinner?" Yes, ma'am. The material is silky soft with an flattering scoop-neck in the front and back and exposed silver zipper. (Side note: try taking pictures of your back in a mirror with your iPhone or having your toddler zip and un-zip from the back -- not that easy!) This dress fits like a glove and is something I could wear all day long. It's so comfortable! It, too, hugs around the bust and is forgiving in the stomach area which is exactly what I like in a dress. It's a keeper.

The enclosed Stitch Fix stylist note said to add a colored belt to either of the dresses and a great heel to finish off the look. The picture on the card shows the dresses paired with a jean jacket which would be a nice way to tone-down the fanciness for a date night. I don't own any of those things ... but maybe?

Daniel Rainn Mandie Cut-Out Detail V-Neck Tank

This purple tank was just OK for me. The fit is too loose around my middle, and the cut-out detail over the bust clearly shows my bra through it. I guess I could wear a tank underneath it, but gah. Tops like this are so hard for me to wear - they feel so awkward to me - and that's exactly why I signed up for Stitch Fix in the first place. I need someone to push me outside my comfort zone and get me used to wearing something other than t-shirts everyday. I don't love this shirt, but that's essentially what the stylist is trying to get me to do.

So, I used the enclosed reference card (because I seriously think that's the problem; I don't know how to wear this type of top) and it suggested I layer the enclosed mustard-colored Mac cardigan over the tank and pair it with the Kensie skinny jeans also included. I did that and ... nope. I still didn't like the purple tank. I threw on my own long gray sweater and thought the purple tank was just OK.

In the end, I would've sent this item back but I'll get to why I didn't in a minute ...

Mac Jaclynn 3/4 Sleeve Button-Up Cardigan

I just thought to myself the other day, "maybe I need to buy a cardigan to throw over my standard t-shirt for a more polished look?" And, voila! Enter this mustard-colored cardigan by Mac. Cardigans have always been hard for me to wear and I think it's because a) I usually buy them at Target and, b) they seem to be shapeless and boxy on me. Maybe I'm not doing it right? ...

I tried this cardi on with the purple tank, and nope ... didn't like it. Then, I put on one of my favorite white t-shirts, un-buttoned the cardigan and added a necklace from my closet. BOOM. Love it! I really dig the mustard color, too. To the keep pile it goes ....

Kensie Jeans Sophia Skinny Jeans

[pictured above]

I received a pair of red Kensie Skinny Jeans in my first Stitch Fix box two months ago, and I am gaga for them. If I could wear them everyday without anyone noticing (spoiler alert! I can't; they're bright red) I would. They are so comfortable and hug tight in all the right places. So, I was excited to receive another pair of Kensie Skinny Jeans in this shipment. If it wouldn't have been for my love of the first pair of red skinnies, I probably would have sent these jeans back because I just bought a new pair of dark-wash skinny jeans at GAP the other day. But ... who wouldn't love to have another pair of great-fitting jeans in their closet for the cooler months of the year? (In Minnesota, that's essentially nine months of the year. Weep.) I'm a big fan of jeans throughout the year actually, so I added this pair to my "keep" pile.


Of course, this isn't a sponsored post. I just love this service so much, and I wanted to share my love for it here. There is a referral program so if you feel like trying Stitch Fix yourself, feel free to use my code:

Thank you to whomever used my referral link when signing up for your own Stitch Fix box last month! Because of the credit you gave me, it came out to be cheaper for me to keep all five of my items this time than to send back the one purple tank I didn't love. So, thank you! I appreciate it.


As a wife and a mom, I feel like I'm always putting myself last and, really, I wouldn't have it any other way. But, every once in a while it's feels good to treat myself to a few nice things. Slowly but surely maybe I'll learn a thing or two about fashion and boost my self confidence along the way.


  1. Wow that was a really great box! I actually love the purple tank too. Perfect for a day where you don't want anything hugging in any places and the cut of it looks great on you too. That first dress though is amazing!

  2. Wow! You look smokin' in those dresses! I'm anxious to try Stitch Fix because it seems right up my alley, but since I'm only 4 months postpartum, I figure I'd better wait a few more months or so to really figure out what size I am. Hopefully your referral code will still be valid then?

  3. Everything looks amazing on you! That purple shirt is probably the only thing I would have actually picked out for myself, haha! I think it's perfect. I'll have to try stitch fix next year. I love hearing that you are in contact with a real person for your stylist.

  4. LOVE! I want that mustard cardigan! :) Maybe I really need to get off my butt and try stitchfix... I love shopping though I never know what to choose... sounds perfect

  5. So cute! Might have to try this. I love shopping so much but realize with 3 kids I never get time to do it, so this would be perfect. Online shopping is the only way to go these days!

  6. Love it all. I think the purple tank looks great too. If you feel it's too baggy on the bottom, maybe try it tucked into jeans or belted? Although I have a top that has lace on the chest, and never wear it due to the bra issues you mentioned. Stitch Fix looks fun! I've considered buying Golden Tote, too…you don't have a stylist pick stuff out, but it's a similar subscription style box.

  7. How amazing that they sent you those dresses! Both are perfect for the wedding weekend...I'm LOVING that black lace one!

  8. I used your code! Glad it worked.

  9. I'm still on the fence for StitchFix, only because I just don't spend that much money on clothes. I really want to though ... maybe I'll ask for a box for Christmas or my birthday (from my husband so he can also pay for anything I keep)