Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Letters to Aden: 17 Months

Aden Boy,

You're 17 months old now! Nearly half-way to two years and gah!, your babyhood is flying by far too quickly. Though as bittersweet as it is to see you grow up, it's incredibly fun to watch you become a little boy.

So many all-boy characteristics are emerging, like your fascination with trucks and balls. Give you a truck and you're happy to push it around seemingly forever. You continue to love balls, and can spot one from any distance at the park or in those grocery store pens. "Ball! Ball!" you'll shout, until someone places it in your hards. You also love throwing things (balls, food; you name it) and say "throw" or "catch" before letting it fly.

You're quite the talker, and say about 20 words now. New words this month: catch, roll, eat, see, peek, Chlo (for Chloe the dog), poop, two, three, bubble and throw. Perhaps your favorite word these days is "see!" as you point to various objects. You love songs and sort-of hum the tunes to ABC's, the hello song from swimming class and Pat-A-Cake (that's where the word "roll" comes into play). You also love Tory's toy jukebox, and started dancing to the music by twisting from side to side. I'm afraid you may have inherited my (very uncoordinated) dance moves, buddy!

Still not officially walking, though you are becoming more confident in the skill. You're able to take 10-20 steps at a time when you want to, but would rather knee-walk from place to place as it's a safer and faster mode of transportation. I hope you start walking before summer or I'll need to purchase stock in pants and shoes! After an afternoon playing at the park, the knees of your pants and the tops of your shoes are super worn and dirty.

This month, you discovered how to climb things you shouldn't. Tory uses step stools and kid's chairs to reach items on the countertops, and you'll piggy-back onto her like a koala bear to get in on the action. You've also learned to pull yourself up onto the toilets and push the water spigot on the refrigerator door. Silly boy! Everyone tells me boys are more physical, so I'm certain this is only the beginning of your antics.

Lately, you've begun to express your opinion when something doesn't go your way (said otherwise, throw tantrums like it's your job!). You stiffen your body when you don't want to sit in your car seat, and do the body flop when I pull you away from somewhere you shouldn't be. It's hard not to laugh when you grunt like a bear with anger or frustration.

Never a dull moment with you, Aden. You hold the key to my heart and keep me on my toes. Love you with everything I've got.


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