Monday, April 27, 2015

Sunday Funday

What a fun, low-key weekend at the lake cabin. So very thankful for our family's little slice of paradise in Northwest Wisconsin.

Sunday was an especially lovely day as the sun shined brightly and temperatures warmed into the 60's. Andi completed several projects on our to-do list Saturday, so Sunday was all about family time.  After breakfast, the four of us hopped into the Ranger ATV for a long morning ride in the countryside. I suggested we scope out an area we don't normally explore near Horseshoe Lake, so that's just what we did. Andi spotted the most beautiful view of a bald eagle perched on top of a lone tree in the middle of a field. I teased him he wouldn't be able to capture the photo in an attempt to convince him to go back to the cabin and get the camera, but no such luck. It seems my reverse psychology tactics aren't as effective on my 34-year-old husband as they are on my three-year-old daughter.

Back at the cabin, Andi put the canoe in the lake for our inaugural ride of the season. The good news is, Aden is much more tolerant of his life jacket this year. The bad news is, he literally tried to jump out of the canoe and into the frigid lake water. The boy has no fear! When Aden discovered I wasn't going to let him plunge into the lake head-first, he screamed bloody murder all the way around the bay. I promptly asked Andi to drop Aden and I off at our dock, thankyouverymuch, while he and Tory enjoyed a nice, peaceful canoe ride around the lake.

I wanted to snap a photo of Aden throwing rocks off the dock while we waited for Andi and Tory to return, but I couldn't let go of his life jacket for even a second. He's going to be such a handful this summer. I'm counting down the days until the water's warm enough to let him play in it.

Thankfully, pontoon rides are much more enjoyable. The rails of the boat act like a pseudo-play pen for Aden. I have to be near him at all times, of course, but at least he's content to scope out the view and play captain on Andi's lap.

Tory's been a dream at the lake this spring. At 3 1/2, she's old enough to listen to and follow directions (like, staying clear of the water unless an adult is with her) and she's excited about anything and everything the season brings -- exploring the woods, first boat rides, hunting frogs, watering the grass, etc. She's going to have an awesome summer!

Slinging rocks into the lake with Dad -

Popsicles were a mandatory treat on such a warm spring day. Aden's cutting his top molars, so he especially loved the cold ice on his chompers. I had to laugh when the liquid stained his fair skin blue. 


It's increasingly difficult to drive home to the Twin Cities on Sunday afternoons. Love our little lake place so much, and counting down the days until we're back again.