Monday, August 3, 2015

Sixth Anniversary

On Friday, Andi and I celebrated six years of marriage. Six years! Quite an achievement, I think. No longer do we have the anticipation of building a life together, but the comfort of thousands of shared memories and the dream of many more to come. Sometimes I'll be driving in the car or sitting on the sidelines of the pool at the kids' swimming lessons, and it'll hit me just how lucky I am to be married to the man I love.

It's the little things that make our relationship feel special, and I never want to forget that:
  • Andi is the ying to my yang. I'm amazed by his ability to run a successful company, and he tells me repeatedly he couldn't do what I do with the kids everyday. Without each other's contribution, our life together wouldn't flow as smoothly as it does.
  • We get lost in our dreams of traveling the world. During long car rides, laying in bed at night and over dinner, we often talk about what it'd be like to pack up the kids and just go. Someday, I swear we'll do it.  
  • In the same vein, it's not uncommon for us to spend our evenings together shopping for last-minute flight deals ... even if we don't take the trip. 
  • Our family's best days happen when we set out on mini adventures. Visits to community festivals, road trips to a new-to-us town. We don't like to sit idle for long.   
  • When I'm with Andi, I never worry. The man's always got a plan.
  • But, when he tells me to book it - I move fast! That's when I know we're really in a pickle.  
  • Every year - November to March - we say to each other about a million times, "Why do we live here?!" Minnesota is so cold; we're definitely warm-weather people.
  • It's literally impossible to find a good movie to watch together.
  • So, as soon as the kids are in bed for the night we crawl into bed and binge on episodes of House Hunters International. 
  • The lake cabin is the glue that holds our family together. We'd make a lot of scarifies before we let that place slip through our fingertips.
  • Fishing has become a shared hobby of ours (which is something I never thought I'd say).  
  • We rarely have beef with one another, so if one of us says "we need to talk ..., " the other person snaps to and listens intently.
  • We're both "early to bed, early to rise" people.   
  • He likes to push me outside my comfort zone to try new things, and I like to keep our special rituals and routines in place year after year. 
  • Andi has a fresh pot of coffee ready for us every weekend morning. 
  • I always keep ice cream treats or chocolate stocked in the house to fuel his late-night sweet tooth. 
Cheers to six years and many more to come!

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