Saturday, August 29, 2015

33/52 & 34/52: A Weekly Photo Series

I missed posting last week's 33/52 photo since Andi and I were fishing in Ontario with no access to phone or Internet. Though, I think I've shared enough pictures herehere, and here this week to meet my quota.

In other non-fishing news, Tory learned to ride her tricycle this week. An exciting milestone for my almost four-year-old!

Tory's been practicing riding her trike all summer without much success. One of the biggest challenges has been our slightly sloped drive-way. She'd cruise down the pavement gaining momentum too quickly and panic, sending her and the trike straight into the grass with a crash. So, I had an idea to take Tory and her tricycle to the neighborhood playground where there's a flat basketball court to ride.

Tory struggled riding her tricycle the few short blocks to the park, and I deeply questioned my brainiac idea as I tried to both push Tory and keep Aden contained in his push car. As soon as we made it to the park, though, Tory started to ride her trike on the flat basketball court and mastered pedaling and steering in no time.

The radiance of independence from a child who's just learned to ride a bike on their own ...

Watch out, world! Here comes Tory!

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