Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Weekend Recap: Last Minute Cabin Visitors

Last weekend at the lake cabin, Andi and I had pretty laid back plans until our friends Josh and Sarah called to invite themselves over for a visit.

Josh: "Hey, I heard your three-year-old asked my one-year-old if she wanted to come up to the cabin. Does that offer still stand?"

Andi: "Sure, when are you thinking?"

Josh: "Uh, this weekend?"

It is true. Tory, Aden and I get together with Sarah, Charlie (3) and Ingrid (1) quite a bit on weekdays in the Twin Cities, and last time we saw them Tory shouted as we parted ways: "Do you want to come to my cabin sometime?!" Quite the social butterfly, that one.

Sometimes the best plans are the ones that happen last minute, so Josh and Sarah's visit to the cabin was perfect. Their crew arrived early Saturday morning and our families spent the day together boating, drinking and hanging out. It's awesome how well we all get along.

The weather on Saturday was quite strange. It was cloudy and cool at times, and warm and humid the next. We took our friends for a pontoon boat ride around the lake mid-morning and dressed in hoodies to keep warm. By the end of the ride though, we shed the extra layers and threw on our swimming suits.

I find myself snapping as many photos as I can of those adorably bouncy blond curls because I know someday, they'll be nonexistent.

Tory was keen on showing Charlie the ropes of fishing from our dock. It was constant entertainment for those two, reeling up sunfish after sunfish -- one of which, they affectionally named Pam.

Tough life, Dog.

It truly brings me so much happiness to see pure joy shining through the faces of these kids at the lake cabin. Isn't this the life?

Josh and Sarah brought the makings for s'mores, so of course we had to build a bonfire after dinner. Summer and s'mores go hand-and-hand. So do: sticky fingers and faces, lots of laughter, good conversation, and a fair amount of parental stress (keep away from the fire, kids!).

Still. So fun!

Josh and Sarah departed the cabin early Sunday morning, then our family spent the rest of the day tooling around the lake -- playing at the beach, doing chores, laying low.

Great little cabin weekend.

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  1. Pam, good fish name =) I dig the dog pic, looks like the spot to nap. I'm also liking the floral/hawaiian shirt under the sweater.