Monday, August 10, 2015

31/52: A Weekly Photo Series

Late last summer, Tory received a butterfly garden as a birthday gift. I filed it away for another day because the weather was turning cooler in Minnesota, and decided to pull it out again several weeks ago.

I followed directions on the card insert and sent away for the five live caterpillars that arrived by mail a few days later. Then over the last three weeks, Tory and I watched the metamorphosis of those caterpillars up close. It was seriously one of the neatest learning experiences we've done together!

Tory and I watched the caterpillars do their thing -- munching on food included in the plastic container they arrived in -- until the caterpillars eventually crawled to the top of the lid and became chrysalides. I'm not sure who was more thrilled over the transformation, me or Tory. It was so neat to see!

After the chrysalides hardened a bit, I moved them to the mesh butterfly habitat and Tory and I waited patiently for the next change to take place. A few days later, one, two, and finally all five cocoons birthed painted lady butterflies. Tory liked this part the most, and fully embraced her duty of feeding the butterflies sugar water and watermelon daily. We watched the butterflies fly around in their habitat for several days, and then let them go one afternoon in our backyard.

If it was up to Tory, we would've kept the butterflies forever. She and Aden both loved watching them on a daily basis. I love how easy it will be to do this activity again now that we own the butterfly habitat. I'll just need to send away for more caterpillars and ensure the weather is over 55 degrees outdoors so we can eventually let them go.

Such a neat activity, and I thank my cousin Jen for sending us this special gift. Tory loved it, and the rest of our family did too.


  1. I love the picture of her looking at the them through the net! Adorable!! : ) I am glad it was a fun experience for your family!!

  2. I just added that to Aria's bday wish list! Amazing! We have make a butterfly feeder on our summer bucket list that I think we'll be doing next week. We have a bunch of the butterflies out back. But this is very cool esp for a slightly older child I think. Cool to watch but I think a bit older would help with understanding. Love it!