Monday, September 28, 2015

Aden's First Haircut

I promised the grandmas I'd let his hair grow until age two, but I just couldn't do it.

I loved Aden's blond curls as much as the next person, but the change of seasons and lack of humidity in the air turned his head of hair into a straggly mess. A few weeks ago, Aden was sick with an ear infection and he and I spent a lot of time snuggling in the rocking chair. His disheveled hair kept tickling my face as I held him and it was so annoying! A few days later at the park, I snapped a photo of Aden and didn't love what I saw on the back of my camera. It was time for a haircut.

Tory, Aden and I left the park right then and drove to the nearby kid's hair salon before I lost my nerve. I knew Aden was going to have a FIT when someone tried to cut his hair, so I threw the iPad and a couple of Dum Dum suckers into my purse for back-up.

Sure enough, Aden FREAKED OUT the minute I lifted him into the chair. I figured the stylist would be annoyed with us because the store was closing in 20 minutes, but she was very sweet with him. I comforted him / held him down in the seat while the stylist worked as quickly as she could.

I would've loved to take a few pictures with my real camera, but that wasn't going to happen. Too chaotic! So, I pulled out my iPhone and snapped a few one-handed photos like any loving mother would.

Aden was MAD, and continued to cry during the entire 20 minute appointment. Tory stood in front of him and tried to comfort her brother the best she could by holding his iPad in view and singing songs to him. Nothing worked; not Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, not a sucker, not a sweet big sister.

Later, I brought the kids home and tried to get a few "after" photos of Aden's hair to send to Andi who was traveling for work. Aden was completely against the idea, and cried every time I tried to remove him from my arms.

You'd think I made him eat Brussel sprouts. A haircut -- the horror!

Before / After

The cosmetologist styled Aden's hair into a faux-hawk at the appointment, but I haven't brushed it that way since. It's cute, but requires too much effort on my part in the mornings. Most days, he rocks a wake-up-and-wear-it hairstyle. 

I loved Aden's curls, but I also think his shorter hair is adorable. Andi wasn't a big fan of his longer hair in the first place, so he was thrilled. And, the grandmas are coming around ....

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  1. The stylist did an awesome job despite his being so mad. He's a cutie with either hair style, but I really love his new 'do!