Thursday, September 10, 2015

Letters to Aden: 21 Months

Twenty-one months, little boy! It's a good thing we're closing in on the big T-W-O because I'm having a hard time keeping up with these updates. I'm using pictures to help jog my memory about your developments because I was terrible at keeping notes last month and you've already changed so much since the 19th of August. Anyway, I digress.

Can a mom have too many pictures of her kid in a life jacket? I swear I have this same photo a thousand different ways and if that doesn't sum up how perfect of a summer it's been, I don't know what does. Cheeks smooched up against the padding; soggy graham cracker smeared somewhere down the side; I love it!

You've thoroughly enjoyed our time at the lake cabin this summer. You love the water and aren't afraid to swim, splash and play. We laugh because our lake lot gradually deepens into the water (sort of like a zero-entry pool) and our cabin is located in a bay where there's hardly any waves. You can walk out about 10 feet or so on your own (with your life jacket on, of course, and an adult within arm's reach) before losing your footing on the ground. Then, the buoyancy of the life jacket softly moves you to a back float on the water's surface and you'll patiently float there until someone assists you upright again. You never cry, never seem alarmed; just... "Hey guys! When you have a second, could someone give me a hand?"

Best. Summer. Ever. So much fun in the sun.

We've also spent lots of time at the playground this summer and I'm amazed how far you've come physically in a few short months. It wasn't long ago you were knee-walking from Point A to Point B, and now you run and climb on the equipment. At our neighborhood park specifically, you follow Tory around and do all the things she does without any fear or trepidation. Monkey see, monkey do; you use your feet to walk up the slide from the bottom and ride along the merry-go-round with all the big kids.

Speaking of photographs I can't get enough of, more snapshots of those crazy curls. 

Daddy took you for your first jet ski ride this month, and afterwards your hair stood straight up in the air from the wind whipping through it. You loved it, though, you little thrill-seeker!

You're all about "things that go" these days -- cars, trucks, airplanes and the Ranger UTV at the cabin. If there's a steering wheel, you're there in an instant making "vroom vroom" sounds. Daddy let you ride along on the riding lawn mower one day this month, and you quietly sat on his lap the entire time. You were in seventh heaven behind the wheel. 

You're also somewhat of a book-nut, and will patiently sit in the rocking chair listening to storybook after storybook. Some of your favorites right now are Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See, Humpty Dumpty and Other Nursery Rhymes and Wheels On The Bus (a musical book). I was really shocked the other day when you started to recite Brown Bear along as I read it to you -- something I remember Tory doing, but not until she was much older. I suppose that's one benefit of being a second child: more exposure to things early on. 

It's not all books, all the time, around here. You're also quite obsessed with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Elmo (though not necessarily Sesame Street). For some reason this month, you started waking up at 5:00am and Mickey was the only thing that'd hold your attention long enough for me to snuggle up beside you and try to sneak a few more winks of sleep.

I forgot the way "terrible two's" begin well before a toddler actually turns two. This month, you've started throwing yourself on the ground when something doesn't go your way, or simply whining to be held all the dang time. As a parent, it's frustrating not being able to reason with you over something so trivial when I can now do that with Tory. Strangely, one thing that snaps you right out of a tantrum and holds your attention for quite some time is an ear of corn. It's safe to say, you've had quite a few of those this month!

Hot dogs, breakfast sausages and cereal are other new "favorite foods." You still won't eat ground beef or pulled pork, most breads, or eggs. You also seem less sensitive when it comes to dairy products, though we haven't exactly introduced milk or cheese into your diet. You've eaten some regular butter and small bites of Tory's yogurt with no issue.

We're closing in on Two, Aden Bear, and you're becoming more of a little boy every day. Though, no matter how big you grow, you'll always be my baby boy. Here's to another month of memories!


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