Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Stitch Fix Round-Up: #10 & #11

My wardrobe is in desperate need of new fall season items. I was a larger size this time last year, so nothing I wore then really fits anymore. Jeans, tops, dresses -- to consignment they went. Now, it's time to fill my closet again.

Stitch Fix is really the only way I shop for myself anymore. I can't beat the convenience, and my stylist is really starting to understand my style. Not that I have a lofty bank account to support buying all the clothes Stitch Fix sends me! I only keep the items I really, truly love. For this reason, I stopped buying clothes at Target and Gap and Old Navy. Nothing I ever buy there makes me feel as confident as SF's clothing.

My Stitch Fix boxes arrive so quickly now, I barely have a chance to blog about them before another one arrives! (Clearly, personal time to write has been hard to come by.) Anyway, here's some of my recent items:

AUGUST 2015 Fix #10

Mavi Freida Skinny Jeans in Navy

Stitch Fix's skinny jeans are my weakness - I simply can't say no! The fit is always spot on with my body type, no matter the brand. These jeans are soft and smooth, almost like velvet in a non-weird way. I love them! No question; KEPT.

RD Style Hollen Raglan Knit Top

I love the lightweight fabric of this sweater; it's perfect for fall. I've worn it with the red skinny jeans I received in my very first Fix, or regular denim jeans. My only gripe are the "holes" in the knit. Aden likes to dig his fingers into them when I carry him around so I'm not sure how long it'll last. KEPT.

Mo-Ka Simon Lightweight Jacket

Honestly, this is the one item from August Fix I would've sent back had it not been for the "buy all five" discount. It seems a little big, no? And, I have the Market & Spruce Chaplin Hooded Anorak Cargo Jacket from a previous Fix that I already own and LOVE. 

I joined one of those Facebook Stitch Fix Buy/Sell/Trade pages so maybe I'll try to sell it on there. KEPT (for the discount). 

Pixley Beaverton Crochet Split Back Knit Top

Love this light-weight top. Comfortable, easy to wear with jeans, and the back-detail gives it a fun flare. KEPT.

Loveappella Evie Draw String Funnel Neck Sweatshirt

Easy like Sunday morning ... this sweater is so comfortable to wear while still looking like I cared to get dressed in the morning. I like it with jeans, but also think it'd wear well with leggings. KEPT.


SEPTEMBER 2015 Fix #11

And, now I do that very time-consuming thing where I search Pinterest boards to find the names of all the clothing I sent back when an easier method would've been to save my style card. BAH. Bear with me.

Denim Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend jeans just .... aren't me. I know the fit is suppose to look baggy, but these didn't feel flattering. Like, if I wore them for more than an hour they'd stretch out and droop in the behind. SENT BACK.

Cotton Striped Top with Sleeve Detail 
(The official term)  

I hem-hawed about this shirt because it was really comfortable and easy to wear with jeans. Perfect for my stay-at-home-mom lifestyle. I liked how the lace sleeve detail really kicked things up a notch, and turned this average striped shirt into something fancier. But in the end, I couldn't justify the $50-ish price tag. SENT BACK.

Striped Henley

I really liked this top -- the colors and the pattern are so pretty for fall. I tried this top on over and over again ... and even modeled it for my mother-in-law for a second opinion. At the time, I thought it looked too big and figured if I was questioning the fit so deeply it should probably go. SENT BACK. (... but now I kinda wish I would've kept it!)

Off-White Colored Open Sweater Cardigan

I liked this one, too (and I still sorta do!) This open cardigan would be so easy to wear in the fall. When I tried this cardigan on, it looked too big. Like, I was swimming in it. Maybe that was the style? I asked my mother-in-law for her opinion and she didn't think the off-white color was my best color. SENT BACK.

Blue and Orange Striped Sweater

This sweater fits like a glove and is so, so soft to the touch. The weather hasn't been cool enough to wear it yet, so I'm excited to have the chance to try it. KEPT.


  1. Agree with all f your decisions (and such cute stuff!) except I really like that plaid henley too!

  2. Really love that last sweater!!! I agree with your decisions and by the way you look amazing!! Miss you