Friday, November 6, 2015

45/52: A Weekly Photo Series

Nothing ages a kid quite like a new haircut.

I took Tory and Aden for haircuts this week. For Aden, it'd only been six weeks (turns out, the rumor of boys' haircuts is true ... their hair grows like weeds!). For Tory, it'd been since summertime and she probably could've lasted longer but her hair started to turn straggly at the ends.

A fresh haircut feels good whether you're (almost!) two, four or 34...

What is it about babies and birthdays? They seem to grow by leaps and bounds in the weeks leading up to their special day. Suddenly, this boy of mine seems very two-years-old. (Weep!)

Tory tells me this is her "school picture smile" ... I can't wait to find out what that really means when her school photos are in next week.  

No teeth? Still cute, just the same.

Can't believe how curly her hair became with the trimming of her ends! Guess there's still a little baby hidden away no matter how much they grow...

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