Saturday, November 28, 2015

47/52: A Weekly Photo Series

Winter is coming!

Two weekends ago, it was 50 degrees and sunny at the lake cabin. We walked around the trail loop on the 40-acres of woods by our cabin in light jackets and stocking hats, brown leaves crunching under our feet. It seemed like white powdery snow was a million lifetimes away. It was difficult to envision the lake ever being frozen enough to walk on ... let alone drive an ice house on top!

We knew winter would be on its way eventually though, and sure enough it is. Last weekend at the lake, air temperatures dipped into the 20's and ice began to form in the bay by our cabin. It was breathtaking to see the sunrise above the lake while steam billowed from its icy surface.

We were just swimming in this spot, weren't we? It sure seems like it. Now, only the ducks and swans are brave enough to dip their feet in the water.

Yes, winter is on the way...

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