Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Tory's Day for Sharing

Tory's an extrovert, just like her mama. She's energized by the company of others, and thrives in social settings where she can show off her leadership skills and gift of gab. That's not to say she might change over time, but right now she loves the stimulus and interaction activities like pre-school provide.

The minute we're buckled into the car after I pick Tory up from school on Tuesdays and Thursdays, she sighs and says "So, Mom, I wasn't the leader today." It just kills her not to be first; to sit back and let someone else take the lead when she'd rather be the one in charge. I totally get it because I'm exactly the same way. And, frankly, so is her dad. So, every single Tuesday/Thursday I smile back at Tory in my rear-view mirror and say, "Ah, man, that's a bummer. Everyone deserves to have a turn though and yours will be coming up soon, I promise."

This week it was Tory's turn to bring her class' Share Bag, and she was so excited. Ms. Janna handed the bag to Tory at the end of class last Thursday with instructions to complete the enclosed questionnaire and bring it back the following week. Tory's had her share item picked out for a while now and later at home, we sat down to complete the Share Bag questionnaire together (I wrote down Tory's words exactly):

What did you choose to bring?
A horse.

Where did you get it?
I got it from my friend Ashley who lives in Kentucky.

What do you want to tell the class about it?
This horse is very special to me. She gave it to me when we went to ride horses in Kentucky. I loved it! Ashley is my best friend.

Isn't parenting the best sometimes? Seeing Tory so excited about something so simple and sweet melted my heart into a pile of parenting mush.

Yesterday (Tuesday) was finally Share Bag Day. Tory woke me up at 3:30am to say, "I'm not tired anymore. When is nighttime over? Today is Share Bag Day!" She never did go back to sleep, and laid next to me in bed chat-chat-chatting my ear off from 3:30am-6:30am. (Luckily, Andi was traveling so I just let her binge on episodes of Octonauts and snoozed on/off beside her.)

Tory was a ball of energy all morning, and adorably practiced her Share Bag speech throughout breakfast.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to stay through Tory's Share Bag presentation to the class but you better believe she filled me in on every juicy detail after school.

Me: "Ahhhh, Tory! How did your Share Bag go?

Tory: (*shrugs shoulders*) "Uh, pretty good!"

Me: "Was your class so excited?! What did they say?"

Tory: "Wow."

Huh, that was it I guess. Sounds like Tory's first Share Bag Day was a big success, and the best - and most important part - is Tory was so happy.


  1. hahahhaa oh man, about that wake up call at 330. I mean totally adorable that she was SO excited, but also 330 am is not my fave time.

  2. I have to say, I am IN LOVE with the red overalls. And her little hairclip. She looks like a little 80's kid, I swear I had that exact outfit. So classic and perfect and nostalgic. What an adorable little girl!

    1. Aww, thanks! Found the overalls on clearance at Carters / Osh Kosh last year. They are seriously so cute - she gets compliments on them whenever she wears them. :)