Friday, November 27, 2015

Aden's 2nd Birthday

Aden turned two years old last week. We kept things low-key with a small celebration on Thursday (Aden's actual birthday) and a party with family at the lake cabin the following weekend.

The birthday boy woke up Thursday morning to homemade pancakes, breakfast sausages and mangoes (his favorites)! Okay technically his favorite is frozen Eggo waffles, but we were out so homemade pancakes had to do the trick. I planted two candles in his pile of pancakes and Tory and I sang "Happy Birthday" to our brand new two-year-old.

Thursday was a regular morning of activities for us. After we dropped Tory off at preschool, Aden and I ran to Costco (exciting birthday times!), then went to music class. The kids sang "Happy Birthday" to Aden once more, and he loved every minute of the attention as he danced around the room. We picked Tory up from school, had lunch and Aden took his afternoon nap while Tory and I packed for a long weekend at the cabin.

It wasn't until our drive to the cabin later that evening that Aden fell sick. I looked back at him at one point during the drive and was surprised to find him sleeping. "Hmm, that's strange," I thought as he'd just taken a nice, long nap that afternoon. A bit later, Andi, Tory, Aden and I stopped for dinner at Logger's Restaurant in St. Croix Falls. The minute we placed our food order, Aden started to fuss. I tried to distract him while we waited for our food, but something clearly wasn't right. Aden's forehead was burning up with a fever so Andi switched our food order to-go and we took off again for the lake cabin.

The night of Aden's 2nd birthday was a rough one. I gave Aden some Tylenol to bring down his fever, and I ended up staying up with him from about 1:00am - 5:00am. He couldn't seem to settle to sleep and cried unless I held him. Poor little buddy was miserable. It's no fun being sick, especially on your birthday!

Friday was more of the same. Andi and Tory ran to Clear Lake, WI to pick up Andi's new ATV while Aden and I laid in bed watching episodes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. The more he fussed and moaned, the more I started to think he needed to be seen by the doctor. Andi called around to clinics near the cabin and snagged the last appointment available in Clear Lake that afternoon. An hour later we had a diagnosis and an antibiotic for a double ear infection. So thankful to live in a world with modern medicine! By the end of the evening, Aden was already on the mend.

Andi's parents Jim and Janie, sister Lindsay and her husband Kyle came to the cabin on Saturday for Aden's birthday party. I'd planned a small get-together anyway, so it seemed to make sense to go ahead with the party even though Aden was under the weather. Also, let's face it, if there's anyone else Aden would want to be around when he was sick it's Grandma Janie. The eight of us hung around the cabin Saturday morning, played toys and visited with one another. For lunch, Andi ordered broasted chicken and mashed potatoes from The County Line, Janie made a salad and I rounded out the meal with corn on the cob. We ate and visited some more. It was the perfect low-key celebration for our boy.

Lindsay, Kyle and Grandpa Jim left later that evening, and Grandma Janie stayed at the cabin to hang out with us until Sunday. Aden was feeling much better by this point, and finally had enough energy to play with all his new toys.

We celebrated Aden's birthday once more on Thanksgiving with my family. I went the easy route (which seemed to be the theme of this birthday year) and ordered Mickey Mouse cookies for everyone. There was too many other Thanksgiving desserts to complete with a birthday cake. We sang "Happy Birthday" and the kids O.D'd on sugary frosting.

It's hard to believe our baby is TWO! Happy birthday Aden Boy.

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  1. Awww sick on his birthday- what a bummer! I'm glad he was able to bounce back quickly!