Monday, March 21, 2011

Has Spring Really Sprung?


I came home from Nebraska this weekend where the temperatures were warm and spring-like. 60's and sun where flip flops and no coats were welcome everywhere.

As I drove into Minnesota yesterday, I watched my car's outside temperature gauge tick lower and lower. But I can't complain too much ... most of the snow has melted from my yard and the welcome sight of tulips are popping up in my flower beds. TULIPS! A sure sign spring is around the corner, right?

.... BUT, the forecast is calling for 3-5 inches of snow on Wednesday. Please, weatherman, tell me it isn't snow, I mean so. Another chance for snow in the forecast for the weekend. Could it really be?

On the news tonight, they said we should feel lucky because Minnesota's March average snowfall is 10 inches and we've only have 3.5 in the Twin Cities this month. Lucky? Is that really the word you'd use?

Say it isn't so ...

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