Friday, March 18, 2011

Home, Home At Last

Phew! I made it to Nebraska last night.

Yesterday after work, I hopped into the car with Chloe and made the long and boring 7 hour drive to my parent's house. Except really, it wasn't that boring. I'm one of the those weird people who actually doesn't mind driving by myself so long as the weather's good and it's light outside. And thankfully, yesterday was beautiful weather. It was still 55 degrees in my parent's home town when I pulled in last night around 10pm! Lord how I missed you, springtime. Before the trip, Andi loaded a bunch of music on my iPod so I listened to new tracks by Adele, Kenny Chesney, Zac Brown Band, Taylor Swift and old-time favorites from John Mayer and the Dixie Chicks. Random mix, I realize. I've, by the way, always been the BIGGEST John Mayer fan ever and last night I listened to every single album of his. When was the last time you did that with your favorite artist? Some of those old school songs had me reminiscing the days when Andi and I first starting dating and the first time we said I Love You. I was having fun, I really have to admit.

My parents and I stayed up until 1:00am this morning talking and catching up and then I slept wonderfully last night. No crazy pregnancy dreams, alarm clocks or city life noises to jolt me awake at 4am. Last time Andi and I were back here, we bought a new full-size bed for my parent's guest room so there was even a cozy bed with soft sheets to snuggle into. Wonderful, I tell ya.

Today, both my parents are off work so we're venturing to Lincoln for lunch at one of my favorite restaurants, Grisantis, to celebrate an early birthday lunch for my mom (her birthday is Sunday). I fully plan to devour all the buttery bread they'll bring me, their all-you-care-to-eat salad and tomato basil soup. TO DIE FOR. Yum! This afternoon, I'm hoping to do a little shopping. In my haste for packing, I forgot sensible shoes so I'm hoping it's warm enough for flip flops today until I can purchase a new set of boots to wear the rest of the weekend. I also got a fabulous email from Gap for 30% off any purchase this weekend and 5% of the purchase goes to the charity of my choice (I chose Juvenile Diabetes research, a disease that touches our family in so many ways). Best thing is, you can share the coupon with friends and they get 30% off their purchases too so if you want the coupon, comment below and I'll forward it over. I just love sales, and a 30% off coupon is a great reason to buy some more pregnancy clothes, don't you think?

Tomorrow, my cousin Jen is coming to town with her adorable baby Lauren so we're heading over to my aunt's house to see them. I haven't seen anyone since Christmas so I'm dying to see how much Baby Lauren has grown and talk all-things-baby with Jen and the family!

What a great weekend ahead. I'm so thankfully for awesome family.


  1. Glad you had a good trip home! It was nice seeing you again! Can't wait till the baby bump gets bigger :)!

  2. Thanks Jes! Loved catching up with you. Can't wait until Easter :)