Friday, September 23, 2011

The Package

This story is just too awesome not to share ...

So, remember we bought a new house in July? The sellers were two brothers who bought the house together a few years ago. Two single guys. Anyhoo...


The day we came home from the hospital after having Tory, we had a bunch of boxes on the front porch. It's not uncommon for us to have many, many boxes delivered to us daily. My husband has a serious shopping addition (may I remind you of the hand-written thank you notes he receives from semi-regularly for being a loyal customer?) and he always ships things here for work, in addition to anything I might buy online.

On this particular day, my parents and I were standing in the kitchen making googly-eyes over the baby while Andi was nearby sorting through a few days of piled-up mail and ripping open packages like wildfire. All of a sudden, Andi stopped in his tracks and made an audible giggle. He held up a giant pink "play thing" along with a copy of Pulp Friction. ICK. Upon further investigation, we realized Andi accidentally opened a box addressed to the old homeowner. A box jam-packed with an evening's worth of entertainment for, you know, the exploratory type. The look on my parents face as they watched all of this unfold was priceless.

For several weeks now, the box has sat in our garage. I've asked Andi a few times to text the old homeowners to come and claim it; if not soon, it would find its way to the trash can.


This morning, Andi forwarded this email string from our realtor:

Hi [Our Realtor's Name],

I hope all is well and you had a nice summer!

[Old Homeowner] formerly of [address] called me this afternoon and said he thinks a package may have been delivered to the [address] house by mistake a week or so ago. Could you check with your clients and see if it may have arrived there? If so, [old homeowner] would like to stop by and get it or make other arrangements for it.

Thanks so much!
[Seller's Realtor]

... and my awesomely witty husband responded to their realtor with this:

[Seller's Realtor Name],

No problem, we got a package a few weeks ago and stashed it in the garage. When it arrived my wife and I were at the hospital with the baby and my Mother-In-Law accidentally opened it. All the contents are in it, we will seal it up and have it ready. 

Have the guys text me when they are coming over and we will leave it out.

- Andi


Did my mom accidentally open the package? No, but imagine the look on the old homeowner's face when he thinks she did. That, and how awkward he'll be when he comes to claim his goodies. Bahahahahaha. 

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