Thursday, September 22, 2011

Wedding Wear

Our good friends Ellie and Derrick are getting married! The wedding's in San Diego the first weekend in October and Andi and I wouldn't miss it. We're bringing Tory Bug, as well as Andi's mom Janie to help with the baby. It'll be a quick weekend trip - in Friday; out Sunday - and I'm equal parts excited to celebrate two of our favorite people joining their lives together and anxious about traveling with a four-week-old baby for the very first time.

Maybe I'm naive in thinking Andi and I are expert travelers, but I don't think getting there with a baby will be too difficult. That said, every parent friend of ours likes to tell us differently. I mentioned to my girlfriends last weekend how Andi doesn't allow us to check bags (he's a travel dictator) and they audibly laughed at me. "Try NOT checking a bag with a baby," they said. When I mentioned this to Andi, he channeled Barney from How I Met Your Mother and flatly said "Challenge accepted." Think we can do it? We'll see ...

The hotel stay, however, makes me a little nervous. I suppose we'll request a crib from the hotel for her to sleep in. A friend asked if I planned to bring my own bedding for her. Do I really need to? I don't bring bedding for us when we travel, so I didn't plan on it ... but is that gross? GAH, I don't know. Parenting is hard! I know the room has a refrigerator so I can pump and keep bottles for her there. We'll introduce a bottle to her this week and hope she likes it. If not, I suppose I'll run back and forth from the wedding to feed her if needed. Luckily, everything takes place on the resort property.

We're contemplating bringing the car seat or just renting one from the car rental place. I think I'll bring a few diapers and wipes along, but plan to stop at the store and buy some once we get there (no need to lug all that stuff with us when San Diego has stores too). Tory won't need too many outfits since she'll primarily be in the hotel room with Janie (too tiny to spend time on the beach or even at the wedding for that matter). I did buy her a cute little dress in case she does make a wedding appearance - it matches D and Ellie's beachy wedding colors, naturally.

What am I planning to wear to the wedding? The heck if I know. I am SCARED to try on any of my dresses for fear how they'll look with my flabby stomach. I don't really want to buy anything new - especially since I probably won't be this in-between size for much longer - and anything I've seen online is form-fitting in the waist, of course. I'd prefer not to wear sometime too "tent like" for fear it'll make me look bigger than I actually am. Think it's OK to wear a black dress to a beach wedding? I think that'll be my best dress option. I have this one in my closet from one of my bridal showers a few years ago which has good boob coverage, is form-fitting but not too tight on the belly. Think this will work?

This trip is our trial-run for a mini family getaway in November or December. We're hoping to take Tory somewhere warm (maybe Florida?) for a long weekend before I have to go back to work. We're a family who loves to travel and I *hope* starting her early with prove successful in the long run. Her first trip - San Diego - at one month of age. What a lucky girl! I think I was 22 or something the first time I ever flew on an airplane. Crossing my fingers, she'll be an old pro in no time.


  1. We traveled with Allie a lot when she was little - I think she went on 6 airplane rides before she was 1. I didn't think it was all that bad, in fact, it's harder now that she's older and doesn't yet understand she can't run up and down the aisles of the plane :) I spent plenty of flights just nursing her, watching her sleep, etc. As far as checking bags, we are a non bag checking family too and I think with a kid it's easier because you get so many "free" bags to carry with a child. You can gate check the stroller, bring a diaper bag, a suitcase AND a purse. What more do you need? There were even times when she was a little older when I brought a small cooler that had some yogurt and other snacks in it. I really don't think anyone checks how many bags you have when you have a child. As far as hotel bedding, we always brought her blanket because she slept with it every night, but beyond that, used the hotel stuff. Good luck :)

  2. I agree with the above that it'll probably be easiest now to travel with Tory. It's when they are toddlers that it gets a bit tougher! I'd definitely bring her carseat - rental ones may have been in crashes and are usually old and sometimes broken. You can gate check it for free. I think hotel bedding is fine unless she has sensitive skin or something.

  3. a black dress is ENTIRELY fine :) I can't WAIT to see you!!!! xoxoxoxoxo