Friday, September 9, 2011

Super Mom

I sat on the couch Tuesday, working on Tory's birth story with a sleepy baby happily tucked in her bassinet nearby. The clock read 1pm and my mother-in-law, Janie, reminded me of Tory's one week doctor's appointment quickly approaching in a half hour. "It takes a little longer to get out the door with a baby," she said. Oops, I sort of forgot I was responsible for someone else but myself. It's the first time I've left the house since Tory's been home, after all.

I shoveled a sandwich in my mouth, grabbed the diaper bag and my sleepy, snuggly baby and placed her in the car seat. Janie and I hopped in the car and made it to the doctor's office with five minutes to spare - no sweat.

Janie was impressed. "You're Super Mom already," she said. You act like you've been doing this forever.

I walked up to the counter to let the receptionist know we had arrived for the appointment. I corrected the employee on the spelling of Tory's name (what I expect will be one of many times I'll / she'll have to do that in her lifetime - sorry little one). The receptionist thought her name was Tony; the nurse, Troy. Do I look like someone who'd name her baby TROY? C'mon now.

As I walked back to the patient room with my baby in arms, I glanced down at my feet. I still had my slippers on. Wow. Super mom status - DENIED. Good thing she's too young to be embarrassed by me yet!


Tory's 1 week stats:

  • Weight: 7 lbs, 9 oz. (she gained all of her birth weight back, plus an ounce!)
  • Height: 19 inches
We go back to the doctor for another check-up in one month. Let's hope I make it there with shoes this time...

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  1. Oh Heather... you made me laugh with your slippers.. it only gets better. Funny how your daughters someday understand why mom acted like she did sometimes.