Friday, September 30, 2011

Letters to Tory: One Month


It's hard to believe four weeks ago you entered the world and changed our lives forever. Your daddy and I are so in love with you; our hearts flutter at the very sound of your sweet baby sighs and squeaks. Oh, how I wish I could bottle up those lovely coo's and listen to them forever.

Tory Girl, you are such a good little baby. You sleep in 2 1/2 - 3 hour stretches and will snooze practically anywhere. Well, anywhere except in your nursery. It's the funniest thing, you happily sleep in the bassinet next to our bed, in your bouncy seat or cradled in my arms, but the minute I lay you in your beautiful, new crib you burst into tears. We'll continue to work on it, little girl. I know you'll come around ... eventually.

Speaking of sleep, you love to rest your head on my chest and will sleep soundly there for as long as I'll let you. Oh, how many hours we've spent snuggling together in the rocking chair. Daddy jokes we've made quite the butt imprint there. Who cares! I know these days are numbered, so I drink in every single moment I have you in my arms. As you sleep, I study every single inch of your body and marvel at all of your precious features. I love how your brown hair curls over the back of your pajamas and the way your gorgeously long eyelashes outline those deep blue eyes of yours.

Besides snuggling, we spend lots of time nursing and talking too. You're a great eater, and were from the beginning. I think all those extra days you spent in mommy's tummy helped you develop that much more because Baby Girl, you're such a fast learner. Just the other day, Daddy introduced the bottle to you for the very first time and you took to it like a champ! It's nice for you two to spend a little time together in the mornings before Daddy heads off to work, especially since the first few weeks of your life Daddy was traveling for his job. We missed him terribly while he was away; Mommy and Daddy were a wreck of emotions those few weeks. You've had that affect on us; our emotions feel so raw now that you're here. There's nothing more important in life than our little family of three.

Because Daddy was traveling, we had lots of visitors stay with us this month. Nana and Papa drove up from Nebraska to stay during your first days, Auntie Ashley, Jason and Brookie came a week later, as well as Mommy's friends Ashley and Val and cousins Jen, Zach and Lauren. Grandma Janie and Auntie Lindsay came over to care for you too.

What will your second month bring? It's hard to imagine. Already you've grown from newborn to 0-3 size clothing and I almost cried as I packed those tiny outfits away. The thought of you growing so quickly is both exciting and heartbreaking. I can't wait to discover your personality and watch as your navigate this world of ours, but my heart aches when I realize how fast the days on the calendar are flying. In any event, we have a lifetime of memories to create together and I'm anxious for every single one.


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