Monday, October 3, 2011

Derrick + Ellie = HITCHED!

This past weekend, we traveled to San Diego to celebrate the marriage of two of our very best friends, Derrick and Ellie. The wedding weekend was everything I imagined it to be - those two love birds are meant for each other and there's nothing better than celebrating the union of two people who COMPLETE each other. So happy for them!

Weddings have a funny effect on me since my nuptuals. I have this uncontainable desire to tackle Andi during the reading of the vows. I find myself repeating our own vows to myself and promising to love and cherish my hubby all over again. Ah love, it feels so good when you're in the thick of it!

So how was our first trip as a family of three? Amazing. Our little Tory Girl proved to be the product of her parents - an easy traveler. Thanks to all of you for your suggestions on what to bring with us on our trip. We ended up bringing our own car seat and stroller, a back pack and one small suit case. I nixed a purse and shoved my wallet, sunglasses and camera in the breast pump bag so we were able to carry everything onto the plane. Once we landed, I ran to CVS and bought diapers for the weekend. In hindsight, the only thing I would've added was another receiving blanket or two and maybe another sleeper. Otherwise, my packing skillz rocked. I had everything we needed, but not too much of anything.

Tory was a rock star on the plane ride, sleeping the entire way there and back. Even when she did fuss a little bit (just a minute or two) she quickly quieted down with a nursing session. I didn't feel self-conscious at all about nursing on the plane, and it didn't really seem like anyone around us cared either. Even if they did - so what, right?

I am so thankful we decided to bring Andi's mom along with us to babysit. It made for such a better weekend. Friday night was a little rough on me when I left Tory for THREE ENTIRE HOURS to attend the rehearsal dinner, but the wedding on Saturday was much easier on me. I suppose every time we leave her it'll get easier to do.

Sunday morning, we woke up earlier (who am I kidding, I was up with the baby anyway right?) and we headed to Coronado to my favorite French bistro - Tartine. Andi and I found this place on our last trip to San Diego in February. Tartine has delicious food and an awesome patio overlooking the ocean. Perfect vacation spot. Crazy the last time we were there I was pregnant and now we were dining with our little Tory Girl.

Afterwards, we walked around the Coronado area, then hopped in the car to hike around Blacks Beach in San Diego.

Andi wanted to hike down this big cliff (!!!) but I advised against it on Tory's first trip to the ocean. No need to risk her life on our first family vaca, right?

I also brought along Tory's first swimming suit. A girl can't go to California without a suit, right? While I didn't want her to be outside for more than a minute, we did stage a few photos at the pool. How cute is this?

Overall, our trip to San Diego was a big success. I felt bad for Andi who had to go into work today; while I'm tired too, at least I got to stay home and snuggle with my baby. Luckily, traveling didn't really affect Tory's schedule. She eats every 2 1/2 to 3 hours anyway, so it didn't much matter what time zone we were in. Here's hoping she sleeps good tonight so we all get caught up again.

We're already planning our next big adventure for next month and can't wait to show Tory a new part of America! Where we'll go? Who knows ... but glad to know we'll get along just fine.


  1. Looks like Tory did amazing!! It is great to see how well she traveled with you!! I love the picture of her in her swimming suit by the pool : )

  2. So glad everything went well on your trip! She's such a beautiful baby and seems to be so sweet! Can't wait to meet her!