Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Babymoon Weekend

I love being a stay-at-home-mom, I really do. In fact, I've never felt more satisfied in a job than I do right now. But ...

Everyone needs a break sometimes, even when their "work" is parenting.

My mom joked while they were visiting last week that Tory sounds just like Stewie on Family Guy. (How my mom is "with it" enough to quote Family Guy, I have no idea). I saw this clip the other day and thought, OMG. That really is like Tory. She hangs on my pant leg and chants the m-word from sun-up to sundown (and usually a few times in between). I love being home with her and I'm grateful even having the opportunity to hear her call me Mom everyday, but sometimes mama needs a break.

So, when Andi's mom offered to watch Tory for the weekend, I all but jumped through the telephone receiver and shouted, "Yes! We would love that!" Andi and I were in need of a day or two together to reconnect. Life has been busy this summer.

We called this past weekend our "babymoon" before Baby Brother arrives. From experience I know life will only become more complicated this winter with the arrival of a new baby and the holidays mixed in on top of that. We considered using our one night away to go somewhere new or maybe take a trip up to Duluth, but ultimately decided to spend the weekend at the cabin. Why go somewhere and spend tons of money when we already own our little slice of paradise? Plus, I think we've only been to our cabin one other time without Tory, so it was still something different for us.

Andi's mom spent the night at our house Friday night, so Andi and I scooted out the door early Saturday morning before Tory was even awake for the day. I wanted to stop by our favorite French bakery on the way out of town for yummy croissants, so we did that. Then, Andi and I took our time along the 1 1/2 hour drive to the cabin, stopping by a few furniture stores to look for a new bedroom set for Tory and scout out docks for sale by the cabin. I planned nothing for weekend meals (didn't have to! no kiddo in tow!) so we also stopped by a small town farmer's market on the way for veggies and bread. I think Andi and I talked more in those few hours during our car ride than we have in the last month. Isn't it nuts how the absence of a child(ren) allows you to have real conversations with your spouse? So nice. So needed.

Once Andi and I arrived at the cabin, we immediately headed out to the lake to float in the water and relax. Then, we took a leisurely pontoon ride around the lake. Not that I don't love boat rides with my Tory Bean, but it was a nice change to sit and relax instead of constantly making sure Tory's safe or filling up umpteen buckets of water to "make soup" while we cruise. Later, Andi and I ran into cabin friends' Josh and Krista who have a little daughter, Hannah, who's Tory's age. We invited them over to our cabin for the afternoon to float around with us while Hannah took her nap. I wasn't worried about having friends over with a toddler because Hannah's one of those crazy kids who takes 3 hour naps in the afternoon. While she slept, the four of us had a fun afternoon eating lunch together and floating in the lake. The weather was just perfect on Saturday -- hot and in the 90's - and we soaked up every minute.

Saturday night, Andi and I went out to dinner at one of the nearby restaurants, Calderwood. We've eaten at this supper club once before and had a terrible experience. They were literally out of all food when we were there and the service was horrible. Yet, lots of people on the lake talk about this place being one of their favorites so Andi and I decided to give it another shot. Last chance, Calderwood, or you're outta here!

Calderwood ... got the boot. Overall, our experience was better than the first time we dined there, but nothing spectacular. Andi ordered the restaurant's touted prime rib and I had a petit filet. Our meal was sub-par, but the company was excellent. Andi and I had a nice time chatting over dinner and people-watching all the old regulars. We concluded our evening with a stop by our cabin neighbors / landlords' for drinks around the bonfire. Very rarely do we have the chance to stay up late and sit by the fire when Tory's around so it was a nice treat.

I woke up Sunday morning around 8:30am to breakfast in bed served by my husband. Fresh farm potatoes, croissants from my favorite French bakery and local Wisconsin cheese served with piping hot coffee. Excellent.

Andi and I spent Sunday morning removing and rearranging some of the previous cabin decorations and making plans (and placing orders!) for new items. With a Tory hall pass until 7pm Sunday evening, we decided to take the Ranger ATV out for a ride. Andi and I were having so much fun together, we ended up riding various ATV trails around the area for 50 miles Sunday morning. There were some great wooded trails (vs. the paved road / farm animal scenery we usually see with Tory) and had the best time just riding along together. One nice thing about the Ranger is Andi and I are able to sit next to one another inside the cab and still chat while riding along.

Sexy safety glasses ... it was just a *little* dusty on the trails

After our ride, we stopped by The County Line for lunch, then came back to the cabin for more relaxing. I took a short cat nap before we packed up and drove back to the Cities.

Our babymoon weekend was the perfect way for Andi and I to reconnect as a couple before the craziness of Baby #2 and parenting Tory take hold again. We missed our little girl something fierce, but we sure are lucky to have the chance to get away from it all every once in a while.


  1. What an awesome husband for making you breakfast in bed! Glad you guys had a chance to get away before baby Aden makes his arrival!

  2. So glad you got the chance to get away just the two of you!

    And the reference to Stewie made me choke on my coffee! That's EXACTLY how I feel sometimes. Kid needs to come up with a new name to chant!