Sunday, September 22, 2013

Weekend at Home

Tory and I had a great little weekend. Andi's traveling for work and it's on rare occasion we're actually at home on a Saturday/Sunday, so we took full advantage by crossing things off the baby to-do list and getting together with friends and family.

Something came over me Friday afternoon as I passed the storage room to throw in a load of laundry. Before I knew it, I was knee deep in bags, totes, seasonal decorations and baby gear. Our storage room had become quite the hodge-podge of stuff and I spent six full hours re-organizing it all. As part of my cleaning spree, I sorted through 12 totes of baby clothes to see what was gender neutral (answer: not much!) and reusable for Baby Boy. I also washed all the baby's clothing, blankets and bedding. My legs were jelly Friday night after working so hard, but it was well worth it. Mama nesting urge = satisfied.

Saturday morning, Tory and I met up with my friend Lindsey and her daughters Ashley and Taylor at a nearby park for Barnyard Boogie. Tory is absolutely crazy for barnyard animals so this event was right up her alley. The girls took turns riding the ponies and petting sheep, chickens, goats, rabbits, a dog, a cow and more. There was a tractor for the kids to sit on, a kid's DJ (yep, a kid's DJ who played hits like What the Fox Say) and a scarecrow picture coloring station. Best of all, it was a perfect fall morning to be outdoors.

When Andi's away, I like to do all the things he's never game for ... like ordering pizza and watch football all afternoon. Wild life I lead, indeed. So, Tory and I feasted on pizza for lunch (which I didn't even have to cook!), then she took a nap while I watched my Huskers and worked on her Big Sister present from Aden. I wonder how many other Nebraska football fans craft during the game?

Of course, we took lots of selfies throughout the day and sent them to Andi so he didn't forget about his girls.

... and he sent some selfies back to us, too, likely to assure I don't forget to talk about him. (Tory was blaming him hard-core for misplacing the remote earlier that morning and he hadn't been home for four days)!

Saturday evening, Tory and I went to Grandma Janie and Grandpa Jim's house so I could use Janie's sewing machine to finish one of my Big Sister presents for Tory. We had dinner and played for a while. Grandma and Grandpa invited Tory to spend the night in the new big girl bed they got for her, but my clingy mama's girl wasn't having it. I didn't push her, so she came home with me instead.

This morning, Janie and Jim came over to our house to take Tory to a local farmer's market so I could enjoy a few hours to myself. They stayed most of the afternoon helping me rearrange Baby Boy's nursery furniture and decorate his room. The nursery is finally taking shape and I'm really excited how it's coming together so far. Tory and I hosted Jodi and her kiddos for a play date this evening and it was really nice to catch up with her after a busy second half of the summer.

Crossing so many things off my baby to-do list this weekend makes me feel like I could actually have a baby someday soon and survive. Tomorrow, Tory's big girl bedroom set is being delivered and I'll be able to put the finishing touches on her room. I'm also meeting up with my girlfriend, Julie, tomorrow night to make some freezer meals in preparation for baby. I'm thoroughly impressed with how many things I was able to check off my list this weekend and feeling much more settled tonight as I type this. It's refreshing to have a weekend at home once in a while, especially one as productive as this one.

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  1. Holy productive weekend woman!! I'm tired just reading all that!

    Ok so that fox that for real or a spoof? I've never heard it before!

    Can't believe you're getting so close to baby A's arrival. And glad you are feeling more prepared!