Friday, July 3, 2015

26/52: A Weekly Photo Series

One of my favorite summer traditions at the lake cabin is attending the annual Musky Festival in nearby Hayward, Wisconsin. Andi and I stopped here randomly two years ago during our #RVthereyet tour of Western Wisconsin and fell in love with this cute little town.

We made a point to return to Hayward again for the Musky Festival last year, and had a fabulous time. Tory loved all the kid's games and vendor's tables, and we captured my very favorite picture to date of Tory and Aden at Hayward's West's Dairy:

The weather at the cabin was beautiful last weekend, but Andi and I couldn't let a Musky Fest pass by without attending. "It's tradition; we have to go," Andi said, and I couldn't agree more. (There's a reason I love that man so much -- he just gets me.)

So last Sunday, Andi and I packed up the kids and headed North to Hayward hoping to make it in time to catch the parade. We rolled into town just in time, and grabbed a prime spot on a street curb. I'm a huge fan of small town parades (in fact, few things make me happier), but Tory and Aden didn't share the love. Both kids cried hysterically as the firetrucks rolled by with their roaring sirens, and the bands marched past with their loud horns and drums. We ended up watching the parade from inside a nearby furniture and home decor store before Andi and I decided to move on all together. Note to self: next year, bring noise-cancelling headphones for our sensitive little kiddos to wear.

After the parade, Andi and I walked the kids down the street to West's Dairy. This ice cream shop is a total trip back in time; I love it so much. Andi snapped a few photos of the kids in the same chair as last year in an effort to recreate my favorite photo, and then we ordered a (dairy-free) smoothie and ice cream cone to eat outside on the benches.

Amazing how much they've grown in a year, right?

Another Musky Festival in the books. Can't wait until next year!

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