Monday, July 27, 2015

Weekend Recap: Janie's Birthday at the Cabin

It's a sign, and not a very welcomed one at that: I spotted five seagulls on the lake this weekend which means there's 30 days left of summer at the cabin. Say it ain't so! It's hard to believe, but this old lake legend rings true year after year, despite the number of times we try to deny it. (Excuse me while I go weep over here in the corner....)

This past weekend was (Andi's mom) Janie's birthday. It's always gorgeous weather on her special day, and it's become somewhat of a tradition to celebrate it with family at the lake cabin. Unfortunately, Andi had a last-minute work trip pop up, so he wasn't around this weekend to celebrate his mom's birthday. I assured Janie and Jim I still wanted them to come to the lake anyway, and we had a really nice time together.

Tory, Aden and I drove to the lake on Friday morning and Janie and Jim joined us later that evening for dinner. In Andi's absence, I had to step up my game and be the grill-master, bartender and pontoon boat captain for the weekend. Big shoes to fill, but I think I managed. Let's pretend it wasn't my first time brewing a pot of coffee on my own. Thank goodness that turned out alright.

On Saturday (the day of Janie's actual birthday), Janie's sister Judy and her husband Phil came to the lake to spend the day with us. The weather was hot and sunny, and the lake felt like bath water the temperature was so warm. We spent the whole day playing in the water.

A neighbor girl from the cabin two doors down spotted Tory swimming in the lake and came over to ask if Tory would like to play with her. Her name was Kendall, she was eight years old, and she was so kind to Tory. The two paddled together on floaties, swam and lounged on our floating dock all afternoon.

I was nearby floating in the water, too.

This. Is. The. Life.

When Aden woke up from his nap, he joined the girls for afternoon "pop-hicles" (popsicles). I think Aden might turn into a popsicle this summer, he's eaten so many. 

Saturday evening for Janie's birthday dinner, I grilled balsamic bruschetta chicken for everyone. Basically, my secret plan for the weekend was to make every food Andi dislikes in his absence (i.e.: tomatoes for breakfast! lunch! and dinner)! My friend Julie gifted us a bottle of balsamic vinegar from Love That Olive that I utilized in the recipe, and it was divine. If you're local, I highly recommend. It was delicious.

May I also say how proud I was of myself for grilling dinner for a party of six? I think I've grilled dinner approximately zero times in my life, so I was a little nervous but ... go big, or go home! Our meal turned out excellent. I made a few appetizers for Janie, Jim, Judy, Phil and the kids to snack on while I prepared dinner and I think that was my key to success -- no one was left chewing on their arm waiting for dinner to be served. 

For dessert, I made a strawberry crunch ice box cake and it super light and refreshing on a hot summer evening. Not your tradition birthday cake, but Janie didn't seem to mind!   

Phil and Judy left late Saturday night, and Janie and Jim stayed to spend another day at the lake with the kids and I on Sunday. We definitely missed Andi this weekend, but still had a really fun time nonetheless.

Cheers to summer, and another fun weekend at the lake!


  1. So what is the legend? See a seagull 30 days of summer left? Or is it see 5? groundhog-esque
    Nicely done on hosting by yourself! Grilling and making coffee and driving the boat. I would have def messed up one of those things and probably the grilling. I've grilled twice and both times it was slightly wonky - the grilled pizza of the summer bucket list being one. Still need to try that again. Hooray for birthday weekends!

    1. LOL :) Some of the lake veterans say once you spot a seagull on the lake, there's 30 days left of summer (or 30 days until the water's too cold to swim).