Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Summer Bucket List: Concert in the Park

I've taken Tory and Aden to free kid's concerts almost every Thursday this summer. The concerts are short and sweet (30 minutes long), and a different change of pace from going to the playground all the time. We've been meeting Tory's friend from preschool, Sophie, there (plus Sophie's mom Sara and brother Mason) and enjoying a picnic lunch together afterwards.

Artist change each week. Some are kid's DJ's or groups singing kid-friendly music. Not your typical bout of nursery rhymes; the music appeals to all ages, even if it's geared toward children. It is interesting to see how each of our children responds to the music. Tory's friend Sophie is a natural dancer, so she starts busting a move the minute the music begins. Good exercise for her, and it's cute watching her shake a tail feather to the music. Tory, on the other hand, is more interested in eating and socializing. She spends most of the time making friends with other kids at the concert, and eating her picnic lunch on a blanket in the grass.

Oh, hey! There goes Aden ...

Aden loves music, so the concert captures his attention for seconds at a time. He'll stop what he's doing, clap along and yell, "Yay!" before running off to dig in the landscaping or climb on cement staircases nearby. He's got the attention span of a, well, toddler -- go figure! Therefore, I spend most of the concert chasing after him.

Spending time with my kids at this type of activity is just what I imagined when I dreamed of being a stay-at-home mom. Not a bad way to spend a summer morning, that's for sure! I'm also thankful for the city's efforts in hosting events like this for area families.     

Life is good. 


  1. haha love the description of each kiddo. Sounds like a nice change of pace indeed.

  2. What park is this at? I've looked (albeit briefly) online and haven't found anything specific. The kiddo would love this!

    1. We've been going to concerts in Maple Grove on Thursdays at their Town Green space by the library. I know there's also shows in Plymouth on Wednesdays.