Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Letters to Aden: 20 Months


I'm late to the game drafting this 20-month letter to you, but I suspect you don't mind. You're too busy getting into - well - everything these days to take much notice in anything for long. Is it a boy thing, or did I forget how curious toddlers are at this age? Goodness! You are a handful, my boy.

One morning last week, for example, we were home for three hours in the morning. Between the time you woke up and the time we walked out the door to a play date, you'd: 1) bit the top of a Keurig cup with your teeth and shook coffee grounds all over the kitchen floor, 2) pushed a chair up to an out-of-reach drawer and discovered the scissors, 3) swished your hands in the toilet bowl while I helped Tory use the bathroom, and 4) dumped approximately one billion plastic hair ties onto the bathroom floor while I did Tory's hair. And, I'm sure I'm forgetting a few things!

Good thing you're so cute.

It's hard to believe three months ago you couldn't walk because now you RUN and CLIMB everything. I'm amazed at how balanced you are as you run across those moving bridges at the park, or climb up the plastic slides from the bottom. Your speech is really improving, too, and now you say about 80 words (new this month: shoe, hat, popsicle, snack, flower, ready, one, four, five, six, eight, nine, ten, fruit, Mickey, Lucy, Elmo, tickle, waffle, help, hold, toot toot, lime, fishie, pretty, neigh [for horse], moo [for cow]). And, you love to dance! You often bust a move to any song on the radio or do a little jig as you eat a meal in your high chair. It's the cutest thing.

It seems like your looks are really changing. You're taller, more long and lean, and your blond curly hair is out-of-control awesome. Wherever we go, people stop to comment on your hair and almost every female we encounter gushes over it. The one person who doesn't love that big ol' mop of yours is Daddy, and that's because a few (clueless) people have mistakenly called you a girl in his presence. "He's dressed in blue!" I'd like to shout. It can't be hard to see that you're a cute little boy.

One thing that melts my heart is how much you adore your big sister. In the mornings, you scramble out of my arms to get to Tory, exclaiming "Hi Tor-eee! Hi Tor-eee!" and throw your arms around her for a big hug. The older you get, the more the two of you are becoming play mates and it's so fun to see.

Love you my sweet boy! Here's to another month of great memories together.


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