Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Kid's Trail Mix Recipe

We've been on the go non-stop this summer and wherever we are, I'm always armed with quick snack options for Tory and Aden. Because, well, my kids eat constantly it seems. The minute I clean up the breakfast mess, they're asking for more food. Same with lunch and dinner, too. And, it's not that my kids aren't eating their meals, because they are. Their little bodies are bottom-less pits sometimes.

My go-to snacks for the kids are usually crackers, pretzels or fruit snacks but the other day it hit me: why can't I combine some of those "favorites" into a kid's trail mix to spice things up a little bit? I threw one together for a play date this week and it was big hit. The kids sat silently for 10 minutes (no joke!) and picked through the trail mix to find their favorite treats hidden in the bowl. Here's the recipe:

Kid's Trail Mix

2 cups of Cheerios
2 cups of Goldfish crackers
2 cups of pretzels
1 cup of cashews
1 cup of raisins
1 cup of M&Ms

Mix ingredients together and serve!

Tory went straight for the M&Ms, of course. Aden and his new friend Elia gobbled up the pretzels and Goldfish crackers first.

You could really mix together any type of snacks your kids enjoy; omit the nuts and chocolate, or add in something else entirely. Chocolate chips? Swedish Fish? Bugles? Cheez Its? Next time I make this, I'll leave out the chocolate and bag the mix into those small Ziploc baggies for ready-to-go snacks.

So, definitely not rocket science; just a different spin on snack time. 

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  1. Funny. I've been doing exactly this just recently. Today was crasins, raisins, cheerios, mnms, peanuts, and pistachios. Can't go wrong with a little bit of everything.