Saturday, May 2, 2009

Brookie Update

After my aunt Connie's funeral on Friday, I came down to Beatrice to spend the weekend with my parents. My sister was feeling generous (or desperately in need of some 'me' time) and asked me if I'd drive my little neice Brooke back home and babysit her for the day. I, of course, said sure.

So, my dad transferred the car seat to my Jetta, all the while asking me if I was sure I wanted to drive for 2 hours all by myself with a 22 month old. "No problem I said," and it wasn't. What a cute little sweetie she's growing to be. I was astonished in the 2 weeks since I've seen her how much she's changed. A few things I've noticed since I saw Brooke last:

1) her new favorite word is "owie" - everything is owie to this girl. She kicks the back of my chair - owie. She remembers a fall from a week before and relives the scab on her knee - owie. So cute that after the 18,000 time you hear it, it's like "girlfriend, we get it."

2) her little baby mullet is growing out ... and almost grown out past her shoulders. Why do little kids hair grow in different stages, I wonder? Poor little Brooke was rocking "business in the front and party in the back" for weeks. Thankfully her mom pulls it into a cute pony and it's not so obvious. Btw, her hair is turning darker brown, more resembling her mother everyday.

3) random bursts of abc's have never been cuter - hearing Brookie stumble through this song instantly takes me back to rocking her in my parent's livingroom when she was 3 days old. She loved to listen to us sing ABC's and now she's singing to us.

4) This girl can dance. She hits the musical button on a nearby toy and sways to the music, shaking her hips and waving her arms. Where did she get this much rhythm? Definitely not from Auntie Heather!

5) Brookie is leaning to say please and thank you, especially if she wants something. Or rather, peeeze and tanks.

It's amazing to watch kids learn to adapt in the world. Can't wait to see her in another 2 weeks to see all new things she's learned.

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