Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Living in Sin

Andi and I had our 4th meeting with the pastor who's performing our marriage ceremony today. While I've really enjoyed carving out time to meet once a week to discuss our upcoming marriage and learn skill sets to achieving a better, healthier relationship, I can't help but feel uncomfortably strange when the "s" word comes up. You know it, sex.

What an akward thing to discuss with anyone outside your relationship - especially in the house of God. Ick. Today, Pastor gave us an entire packet of questions to work through as a couple before our next session. The questions ... too embarrassing to state here. Let's just say they get into some pretty specific details. Let's pray this is an exercise for the two of us and not something we have to discuss next week.

What's worse, Pastor already knows we're living together and has asked us to make other arrangements until the wedding. Like what I wonder? Living in the garage? After explaining we own a house and have lived in sin for 2 years now, I think he's concluded we wouldn't be able to accomodate to his request. The good news, he's still willing to marry us under these circumstances. Thank goodness for liberal churches!

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