Thursday, May 14, 2009

Happy Graduation Brother

We're taking another trip down South this weekend for my little brother's high school graduation. I CANNOT believe my little baby brother is graduating! We're 10 years apart in age and I remember everything about his life. In honor of this special weekend, here are a few of my favorite Brother memories:

Memory 1:
When I was 9, I remember sitting in the kitchen of my parent's house on 28th with my little sister when my mom came home from work. "I have something to tell you girls," she said. "You're going to have a little baby brother or sister." We were elated!

I was in the 4th grade when Brother was born. When my dad called the elementary school to tell us he'd been born (dinosaur alert: this is back in the day before 10 year-old kids had cell phones), my sister and I raced down to the school secretary's office and answered the phone. "You have a little brother," my dad said. Sister and I were so proud.

I raced back to 4th grade and stood in front of the entire class to let everyone know I was a sister again. Awwww....

Memory 2:
When Brother came home from the hospital, I used to dream that he'd grow up and I'd be his favorite sister. (Remember, I was 10). I thought he'd race home from school and run up the stairs shouting my name b/c he was so happy to see me. Yep, that never happened.

Memory 3:
When Brother was young (maybe 4 ish)? he had tons of Legos in his room. And along with being a 4-year old, he also had a problem of pooping in his little boy underwear and hiding them in his Lego boxes. Ick! His room would smell so bad and Mom would have to hunt down the hidden treasures. (This story is going to be great to tell his future wife someday...)

Memory 4:
When Brother was 8 or so and I was in high school, I'd sometimes come home a little buzzed up from a night out with friends. As I pulled into the garage with my little Nissan 300ZX, I'd give his little bicycle a love tap with my car. The next day, he'd come out and say "Heather, you ran over my bike again!" Oops.

Reader's Note: As an adult, I now know who incredibly stupid I was to be driving in this sort of condition. Point taken.

Memory 5:
Last summer, Brother came up to visit Andi and I in MN. It's amazing to see how much he's grown up since he was here only a year ago. So innocent and afraid to break the rules then; oh how college life with change him....

Happy Graduation Brother!

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