Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The beauty of hotels

I'm traveling for work this week and a few things have me just a little un-nerved.

First, somewhere between conversations with other Marketing Managers who travel quite regularly and the recent media coverage of the bed bug epidemic, I've gone and completely freaked myself out about hotel room ickiness. My regional boss went on and on the other day about how she never takes her shoes off in hotel rooms (for the disgust!) and absolutely never, ever holds the remote. What? How do I turn the t.v. on then? I'm all sorts of confused. And grossed out. And now trying to change channels with the remote wrapped in my bed sheet.

And speaking of bed sheets, last night I crawled into the hotel room bed after a long day at work and an even longer evening of travel feeling exhausted. As I laid here for a minute, I swore I felt bugs crawling all over my legs. I jumped out of bed (not without leaping over to my shoes first!) and ripped open the covers to check for bed bugs. Was that a bug or a black piece of fuzz? I moved closer to see. Fuzz ... I think. I crawled back into bed and laid there for a minute only to feel more bugs. Or were they? Don't you hate when the more you think about how something itches, the more it does? I flipped up the mattress to look closer and found nothing. I probably woke up 10 times last night until I finally laid my t-shirt down on my bed and curled up onto it for the rest of the night. I'm a psycho, right?

Tonight, I took a long shower to relax and crawled into bed again. This time I got smarter and laid down a bath towel to lay on. Hopefully this helps me catch a few more winks. Oh wait, my bed is shaking against the wall. The room next door better not be doing what I think they're doing ...

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  1. The first thing I do in hotels is take the bedspread off the bed- they wash the sheets, but I don't know about the comforter... gross.

    Several years ago (in college) I moved into an apartment that had bed bugs- it was a HUGE ordeal. New furniture, exterminators, and I began steaming everything with a steamer I bought expressly. Now, many years two towns and several apartments later, I can still lie in bed and FREAK myself out because I swear I can feel ugs crawling on me.

    Try not to worry, but be sure to wasy and dry everything as soon as you get home from your trip. And maybe invest in a handheld steamer to clean you luggage when you get home.