Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My Christmas Wish List

I'm way into the holiday spirit this year. I think it's because I've had a long fall season at work and I'm looking forward to some quality time relaxing with my family. Also, I love to buy gifts. And receiving them ain't too shabby, either!

My "wish list" for the holidays has been rapidly multiplying this year. There's something about having your own house home that makes you want to cook and decorate and entertain. Somewhere along this line, your Christmas list becomes boring and practical. Here's what I have my eye on this year:

1. US Weekly Subscription
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My mom has gifted me a year subscription every year since I was in college because I'm desperately hooked on celebrity gossip. It's like a drug, I NEED this gift.

2. Woman's Day subscription
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.... and while you're at it, I wouldn't mind a year subscription to Woman's Day either. I used to get this magazine and I loved all the decorating craft projects and recipe ideas.

3. Sleep shirts
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I'm trying really hard lately not to dress like a 70 year old women at bedtime. My long-sleeve t-shirt, flannel pants, hoodie, socks, slippers and stocking hat (I kid not!) must be quite the turn on for my poor husband. If I had some cute sleep shirts - with sleeves! - I think I might be more inclined to wear something cute to bed. Oh, and if I could also have this girl's legs, that'd be good too.

4. Roll-Up Makeup Bag
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I really need a new roll-up makeup bag as mine is full of icky makeup and starting to tear. I love the ones Victoria's Secret sold in the past, but I can't seem to find them anywhere. I would settle for any cute makeup bag, really.

5. Minnesota Home Grown Cookbook

Love the idea of Minnesota recipes featuring local ingredients. I still struggle with seasonality in the North and sticking to foods when they're freshest in my neck of the woods. I'm hoping this book will give me some great ideas on what to cook all through the seasons.

6. BUILT Kindle Sleeve
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I've been wishing for a Kindle case ever since I got mine in October. Carrying it around in my bag uncovered isn't the best of ideas, so I really need a fancy case to carry it in. Being the spoiled wife I am, I asked Andi to send back the one he bought me a few weeks ago. I like the BUILT case in Lime Green because it's a) stylish b) protects the Kindle and c) allows the Kindle to be separated from the case. The hard leather cover has a flap like a book and that's what I really love about the Kindle -- that you don't have to fold back/hold the flap while you read.

7. BUILT laptop sleeve

I also want a BUILT laptop sleeve to cover my MacBook at home. I like this one w/ dots because it's colorful and matches my camera sleeve.

8. Kitchenaid Ice Cream Maker Attachment

My mother-in-law gave me a Kitchenaid mixer for Christmas last year and I love it! I'm wishing for the ice cream attachment because I think it'd be something fun to have, but also something I would never buy myself. Actually, I bet Andi would love the ice cream attachment even more than me!

9. Ivory Cloth Napkins

I absolutely looove setting my dining room table and pulling out all my cloth napkins, napkin rings and charger plates every chance I get. I would love a set of ivory or off-white cloth napkins. I think they look fancy and they'd go with everything.

10. Bundt Pan

Because Andi and I had a smaller wedding, we didn't receive seventeen toasters and all the home goods other people probably do. So, I'm still trying to collect all the bundt pans, angel food cake pans, etc. A simple gift, but one I would probably use a lot and wouldn't ever buy myself until I'm elbow deep in batter.

11. Angel Food Cake Pan
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Same goes for this guy ... think of all the lovely Angel Food Cakes I could make!

12. Rolling Pin

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My pool rolling pin was violated with a black Sharpie marker during a party at our house last year. I wouldn't mind a new wooden one with handles on the sides for easy rolling.

13. Pie Plate

I don't have a good pie plate either and I realized this over the summer when I was about ready to bake up a feast for the cabin. I love the Pampered Chef Deep Dish Pie Plate because it's stoneware and matches some of my other baking dishes but I'd really be happy with any.

14. Wigwam Wool Socks

Some of the best socks I received last year were Wigwam brand from my mother in law. They are so warm and perfect for the heart of winter in Minnesota. It always makes my day when the black pair she gave me are clean = happy, warm feet.

15. iTunes Gift Card
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I realize gift cards are boring and no one likes to give them because they seem impersonal and blah, blah, blah. I hear ya. But seriously, I finally have a personal laptop with my own music library so I'd would love a iTunes gift card to buy a few songs I like. Isn't it funny when you'll buy hundreds of dollars worth of stuff at Target but you find it desperately difficult to buy a $1 song on iTunes? For real, that's how I feel. 

There you have it! A laundry list of all the things I'm crushing on these days. Truthfully though, if I never received one of these items and only had awesome Christmas memories with both Andi and I's families, I'd be one happy gal. I'm pretty blessed so any of this is just icing on the cake (which I'll bake you if I can get an angel food cake pan for Christmas - ha!)

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  1. My wish list is so boring this year. One pair of slippers. I fall into that boring and practical category.