Tuesday, July 19, 2011


And breathe ...

Two big pieces of news to report:

1) Baby Tory listened to mama and didn't grace us with her presence this weekend. THANK GOODNESS she stayed put when we needed her to!

2) We moved into our new house!

Friday after the closing (which is another story I'll write about later), I met Andi over at the new house and we walked through the house together. It was a surreal feeling; the house was big and empty and OURS. I let out a sigh of relief and said to Andi, "I'm so glad this is over." He smirked at me and asked me what I meant. The fun was just beginning for him.

While I jumped into the car in route to Nebraska for my third and final baby shower (click over to Baby In The Bubble for details), Andi started a whirlwind weekend orchestrating movers and painters and cleaners.

Check out this time lapse video of the Big Move:

When I arrived home on Sunday night, I was in completely awe of the beauty of our new house. Andi, my MIL and FIL as well as the movers and a few of Andi's friends worked their tails off this weekend and I couldn't be more appreciative! All that's left for me is a little light organizing (oh, and FINDING my stuff!) which is a piece of cake. I'm feeling very blessed with our good fortune.


  1. Love the house!! How awesome that you had so much help moving in : )

  2. Did you cry when you walked in the door? I only ask because I just did watching the video! Can't wait to see it in person hopefully this fall!!! It's beautiful!

  3. No tears for me, but I was in total awe of how amazingly hard they all worked to pull the house together. It looks amazing!

  4. Wow, I am hiring them the next time I move... that's amazing and love the house Heather, it's beautiful!!