Sunday, January 20, 2013

A No-Responsibility Cabin Weekend

Last weekend, Andi and I took his new business partner, Ravi and wife Nerissa, to our Wisconsin cabin for a no-kids, no-responsibility overnight getaway. Ravi lives near Atlanta but he and his wife are originally from Canada, so they're not complete strangers to cold weather or winter activity. (That said, it was 73 degrees in their hometown near Atlanta the weekend they visited here so the real question is, why weren't we visiting them?) Anyway, we planned to escape to the cabin for a quick trip before Andi and Ravi's big work event next weekend. A calm before the storm, if you will. I was mostly excited for 24 hours where I only had to be in charge of myself. Sleeping in and relaxation were top on my list.

Ravi and Nerissa met Andi and I at our house Saturday afternoon. We said good-bye to Tory and Andi's mom, who volunteered to watch Tory overnight for us, and hit the road for the cabin. It felt so strange driving without Tory to entertain in the backseat. We had adult conversations about traveling and food and our past lives during the car ride. I got to know Ravi and Nerissa a little better, as it was the first time I spent time with either of them. Nerissa traveled to Glamis, California with Ravi for Andi's work trip a few weeks ago, so the three of them shared lots of stories from their Christmas/New Year's work trip.

Stop at the bait store for minnows

Soon after we arrived at the cabin, we drove Andi's new Polaris Ranger over to the landlord's cabin for a cocktail. It was dark by this point and it felt so wild to load up into an ATV and drive across the frozen lake. No car seat needed. No wrangling a kiddo into a snow suit, hats and boots. No need to bring snacks or diapers. Life by the seat of our pants = a strange concept.

A walleye the boys pulled out of the lake just before 7pm

For dinner Saturday night, we took Ravi and Nerissa to Bistro 63, our new favorite restaurant near the cabin. Our friends shared the crazy story of how they ended up together and I learned that Ravi loves all the same foods I do (read: chain restaurants, cheese, and fried foods. YES.) We had a really great time together.

Sunday, we slept in until 8:00am (!!!), then the boys headed outdoors after breakfast to drill holes in the lake for ice fishing. Nerissa and I stayed inside and shared girl-talk, while I crocheted my very first scarf. It was so different than our normal weekends at the cabin; so unlike our typical life. At times, I was at a loss for what to devote my time to next. When I wasn't sure what to do, I cracked open a can of Diet Coke and put my feet up.

Keeping warm by the fire while the boys ice fish
We spent the rest of our time at the cabin ice fishing on the lake with the neighbors. It was a much-needed 24-hour getaway before the craziness of Andi's work event culminates this next week. As much as I enjoyed an adults-only dinner and standing outside in 8 degree weather, I really missed my little Tory Bean at the cabin. Though, it's nice to have a mix of both worlds sometimes.

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  1. That sounds sooooo nice! A whole 24 hours of grown up time and only taking care of yourself...dreamy!