Monday, January 28, 2013

Tomato Tortellini Soup

Nothing tastes better to me than a bowl of piping hot tomato soup and grilled cheese. I've loved tomato soup ever since I was a kid, and I often order it in restaurants when it's available on the menu. One of my favorite "tomato soup" restaurants is Grisantas in Lincoln, Nebraska. Treat me to an afternoon of unlimited soup, salad and buttery garlic bread and I'll be yours forever. (My mouth is salivating as I think about it!)

Grisantas tomato soup is rich and creamy, with cheese tortellini noodles and chunks of diced tomato. I stumbled upon a similar recipe in a Taste of Home cooking magazine a few years ago and it's quickly become my go-to tomato soup recipe at home. The best part is, I usually have all the ingredients on hand so anytime I'm missing my Nebraska roots, I whip up a batch and serve myself a delicious lunch.

Tomato Tortellini Soup
Recipe adapted from Taste of Home Magazine

1 pkg. Buitoni refrigerated cheese tortellini
2 cans Campbell's condensed tomato soup, undiluted
2 cups vegetable broth (I often use chicken broth)
2 cups milk
2 cups half-and-half cream
1/2 cup chopped sun-dried tomatoes (I'm not a huge fan of sun-dried tomatoes, so I often substitute 1 can of diced fire-roasted tomatoes)
1 tsp. onion powder
1 tsp. garlic powder
1 tsp. dried basil
1/2 tsp. salt
1/2 cup shredded Parmesan cheese

Cook tortellini according to package directions.

Meanwhile in a large pot, combine the tomato soup, broth, milk, cream, tomato (diced or sun-dried) and seasonings. Heat through. Drain tortellini and add to the soup pot. Stir in parmesan cheese. Sprinkle additional cheese on top as desired.

*I often halve the quantity of ingredients when I don't want 8-10 servings.

I made a batch of tomato tortellini soup for Tory and I today, and it was a big hit with both of us. I dished a few spoonfuls of not-too-hot tomato soup onto Tory's plate and encouraged her to "dip" her grilled cheese. Of course she's a big fan of dipping anything and gobbled her soup and sandwich right up. Although, who doesn't love the comfort of grilled cheese dripping with yummy tomato soup?


  1. I have all of these ingredients RIGHT NOW. Perfect weekend recipe, thanks!!!