Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Letters to Tory: 17 Months


You're 17 months old now! That's drastically close to the half-way mark to two years old, in case you didn't realize. How in the world are you growing up so quickly? I ponder that question every single day as I watch you say a new word or bust out a new trick. Each month I think this is it, you can't possibly become more fun than you are right in this moment and then somehow YOU DO. You're are an absolute joy (most of the time, when you're not teething or whining, of course) and I can't imagine my life without you in it.

You're becoming quite the little character. Some of my favorite things about you lately are the way you blow on your food before you take a bite, every single time no matter if it's something warm or cold. Then you'll shake your head no as if saying, "it's not hot." You absolutely LOVE to dip your food. I have to hide the Ranch dressing, ketchup and sour cream because once you get a taste of your favorite dipping accompaniment, you won't eat any of the other food on your plate. It's kind of disgusting how you'll eat spoonfuls of sour cream, actually. Another cute thing you do lately is play peek-a-boo with your hands. You cover your eyes with your tiny little fingers, then move them and say "peek!" I have to laugh because you think while you're eyes are covered, no one else can see you. You like to hide in closets, showers and behind the toilet. Grandma Janie made you an apron with a bell attached so she can always find you because you're so good at disappearing these days. You also like when we chase you through the house by crawling on our hands and knees and as you run away, you can barely catch your breath you're laughing so hard. What a silly little girl you're growing into with so much personality.

Wearing Daddy's baseball cap around the house

Admiring yourself in the mirror

This month I've noticed your ability to listen to direction which is definitely something new for you. If I tell you to do something (ie: stay here while I open the oven door or wait on this rug while I take a quick shower), you will do just as I say. I'm not sure how long this listening thing will last (I'm guessing not long, ha!) but for now it's nice to communicate something to you and you actually follow through. I can also tell you to do something like pick out a plate for dinner or get your pink boots from the closet and you're able to do as directed. You like making your own choices when able, and it's definitely cut down on tantrum-throwing.

You're also very aware of things you're not suppose to be doing, like climbing on top of the kitchen table or standing on the toilet. Nana says you're just like Auntie Ashley when she was a little girl because you love climbing on anything. When we were at the cabin a few weeks ago, you climbed onto the toilet, then onto the bathroom countertop to get Daddy's toothbrush and chapstick. No object of desire is safely out of reach for you. I'm waiting for you to discover how to push the dining room chair up to the kitchen counter, but luckily you haven't figured that one out just yet.

Not listening to direction very well here, as you stand on the toilet

Climbing on the dining room table, with a firm grasp on Mommy's laptop

Talking on your cell phone - a favorite past time

You now say about 12 words, the latest ones being "here," "cheese" and "beep beep." You can identify lots of animals and objects by pointing to them in books and can even identify yourself when I ask "where's Tory?" We still use sign language quite a bit to communicate "more," "all done," and "milk." You have 13 teeth now, gaining your first canine tooth (lower right) just the other day. Brushing your teeth is one of your favorite activities. Your hair is growing so quickly now and just the other day, I put in your very first ponytail. It was on the top of your head, of course, because the front part of your hair isn't long enough to reach the back. You're actually sporting a bit of a mullet these days, but I'm not ready for your first haircut just yet.

First ponytail

Beep! Beep!
We both came down with a pretty nasty cold/flu virus over New Year's and it just so happened Daddy was traveling in California for work. It wasn't your best week as you battled cough and congestion, a bout of teething and a case of pinkeye. Luckily, the rest of January has been mostly sick-free and we were able to get outdoors and enjoy a few 30+ degree weather days.

Wearing your new amber teething necklace to combat the pain of one-year molars

Going for a winter walk around the neighborhood

You are still such a little mommy girl and love you baby dolls with all your heart. You don't go anywhere without one of them tucked underneath your arm. You received a baby doll stroller, high chair and car seat for Christmas and you play with them every single day. Your favorite animal is the monkey and say "ooh ooh ooh!" every time you see one.

You are the sweetest girl I know, Tory Bean, and I love you forever. Happy 17 months!



  1. Oh, her super sweet baby hair has been making me long for another baby girl.

    I can relate to the naughty climbing ways :) OFF THE TABLE, KIDDO!

  2. so cute, Heather! I love these updates and seeing all that Tory is up to...and all we have to look forward to! :)

  3. Ha, Annie has also been known to eat sour cream by the spoonful. SO GROSS.